How Ryan Armour demoted Tiger Woods to a footnote to his career

Sanderson Farms Championship - Final Round
Michael Reaves

Ryan Armour reacts on a 18th hole after winning a Sanderson Farms Championship during a Country Club of Jackson. (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

A veteran golfer is not expected to be eager with carrying his career tangible by a loss, particularly one that occurred when he was 17. Yet for 24 years that was Ryan Armour’s weight and a name was Tiger.

In 1993, Armour was on a margin of derailing Tiger Woods’ ancestral USGA run when he had him 2 down with dual holes to play in a U.S. Junior Amateur final during Waverley Country Club in Portland.

“Seventeen and 18 were a dual hardest holes on a march all week,” Armour pronounced on Wednesday. “I told my caddie that if we make dual pars we win.”

Pars don’t disintegrate immortals.

Armour, 41, was reminded of this—once more—on Wednesday, 3 days after rerouting a account of a career journeyman once capricious where a tour was holding him.

Henceforth, Armour will be famous initial and inaugural as a PGA Tour leader by trait of his wire-to-wire feat in a Sanderson Farms Championship on Sunday.

“It’s career changing,” he pronounced from Las Vegas, where he’ll play a Shriners Hospitals for Children Open this week. “I’ve never unequivocally had that many pursuit confidence out there. Now by 2020 I’ll be out here [on a PGA Tour] and not have to worry. It’s a good feeling. There are a lot of people who had a square in this, initial and inaugural my mother and kids. They never wavered in support of what we do.”

Armour, however, did waver, even once deliberation quitting. “I don’t know how tighten it got, though it wasn’t pretty, like in 2011, ’12 and ’13,” he said. “I dreaded personification golf. we didn’t have a devise in place to succeed, and finally in 2013 we satisfied we wasn’t removing into any tournaments. we suspicion maybe it’s time. My mother was like, ‘No, you’re going to play.’ We finished some changes, committed to being a some-more active family, to removing to bed early and removing adult early. It was some-more of a lifestyle commitment.”

After spending many of his career on a Tour, he returned to a PGA Tour in 2014-’15, again in 2016-’17, and defended his PGA Tour label around a Web.Com Tour Finals in September. His feat on Sunday came in his 105th start on a PGA Tour.

As for Tiger and a 1993 Junior Amateur, it will sojourn an critical partial of his biography, if usually for what it foretold about Woods’ conceptual talent.

Woods won a 17th hole with a birdie, though during a par-5 18th hole strike his second shot into a fairway fort that competence have spelled doom for small obtuse players.

“A 55-yard fort shot over another fort to a tucked pin,” Armour said. “That’s a hardest shot we ever understanding with. we usually thought, ‘OK, there’s no approach he’s winning this hole.’”

Yet Woods strike his third shot to 8 feet from a hole. “Under any circumstances, a $2 Nassau on Saturday afternoon, it would have been a good shot,” Jay Brunza, Woods’ caddie and competition psychologist, pronounced then. “With a vigour of his third Junior Amateur during stake, it was unbelievable.”

Woods, of course, finished a birdie putt, won on a initial additional hole, and followed 3 true Junior Amateur championships with 3 true U.S. Amateur titles. USGA championships in 6 uninterrupted years is second usually to Bobby Jones’ record of eight.

Armour, incidentally, conceded that this was how he was being remembered. “The media brings it adult a lot, I’m not going to lie,” he said. “How can we not? It’s Tiger.”

Perhaps it’s always good, whatever a circumstances, to share space with Woods in a judgment or story, improved yet, no doubt, to have rendered Woods’ a footnote to your possess story, as Armour has finished by fasten a ranks of PGA Tour winners.


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