How Knicks and Nets unwittingly combined a NBA juggernauts

With Jun approaching, that void each New York basketball fan has felt given 2003 is returning.

Here come a NBA Finals. Where are a Knicks and Nets?

Right, lounging.

The Nets final done a Finals in 2003 and mislaid to a Spurs, a group that kick a Knicks in their many new Finals run in 1999. If we unequivocally need a fix, a Knicks and Nets contributed most to a third-time showdown between a fortifying champ Cavaliers and Warriors. The Finals are installed with Knicks and Nets connections.


Channing Frye

The Knicks drafted him eighth in 2005. An All-Rookie Team selection, he averaged 10.8 points in dual seasons.

Wait, he was serious? Frye was yanked from a starting lineup in Feb 2007 for Jerome James whom then-coach Isiah Thomas called “one of a best defensive large group in a game.” He wasn’t.

Richard Jefferson and Josh Boone in 2008AP

Richard Jefferson

The Nets got him, Jason Collins and Brandon Armstrong, on breeze night 2001 for Eddie Griffin. Jefferson played from 2001-08 with a Nets, twice going to a Finals.

Made his mark: Jefferson ranks in a Nets’ career tip 10 in 17 categories, including points (fourth), assists (seventh), games, (ninth) and rebounds (10th).

Dahntay Jones

The journeyman brazen sealed a make-good understanding with a Nets in a 2015-16 preseason.

Didn’t make good: Jones was waived in preseason by a group that eventually went 21-61.

Iman Shumpert

The combo guard, who was regarded for his defense, was picked No. 17 in 2011 and averaged 7.9 points over 4 seasons for a Knicks.

Lost time: Shumpert went down in a initial turn of a 2012 playoffs with a ripped ACL though returned in Jan 2013.

J.R. Smith

He averaged 15.1 points in as a Knick from Feb 2012 to Jan 2015. He was traded to a Cavs with Shumpert in a three-team understanding that landed Lance Thomas though cost dual guards many see as good triangle fits.

Who can forget? In 2014, a NBA fined Smith $50,000 after untying Dallas’ Shawn Marion’s shoelaces and perplexing to do a same to Detroit’s Greg Monroe.

Carmelo Anthony, J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert in 2013UPI

Kyle Korver

As a 51st collect in 2003, Korver was drafted for a 76ers by a Nets, who clearly have attempted to reacquire him ever since.

The Korver Minutes: Korver was picked only before Toronto took Remon outpost de Hare. Yeah, that Remon outpost de Hare. The Nets got $125,000 for a collect and used some of it on a duplicate machine.

Deron Williams

He would be a face of a franchise, a All-Star to lead a Nets to Brooklyn and to prominence. Well, that didn’t happen. Injuries some-more than success populated his stay from Feb 2011 by 2014-15.

Blame him: Not for a miss of care Paul Pierce bloody him about, though to keep him happy, a Nets done a catastrophic understanding for Gerald Wallace.

Derrick Williams

He never lived adult to being a No. 2-overall collect in 2011 and now is with his fifth team. That list enclosed a Knicks in 2015-16.

Too late for a do-over? In holding Williams second, Minnesota arrange of bypassed some 2011 initial turn talent, including Tristan Thompson (4), Klay Thompson (11), Kawhi Leonard (15) and Jimmy Butler (30).

Larry DrewAP

Larry Drew

The Cavaliers partner manager was on Byron Scott’s Nets staff in 2003-04.

Damon Jones

The Cavaliers partner played 31 games for a Nets in 1998-99.


Matt Barnes

For 6 stately games in 2005, Barnes was a Knick. He sealed as a giveaway representative Oct. 6, was waived Dec. 3.

Foreshadowing? Think someone substantially knew Derek Fisher was entrance eventually when Barnes was waived?

* Stephen Curry

This needs an asterisk. With a eighth collect in 2009, a Knicks dictated to breeze Curry. A gossip started. The Warriors wanted him during No. 7. Trade up? Nah, a Knicks thought. Golden State already had Monta Ellis. Oops.

Knicks indicate guards since: Chris Duhon, Toney Douglas, Nate Robinson, Sergio Rodriguez, Raymond Felton, Chauncey Billups, Anthony Carter, Mike Bibby, Baron Davis, Jeremy Lin, Iman Shumpert, Jason Kidd, Pablo Prigioni, Toure’ Murry, Chris Smith, Beno Udrih, Shane Larkin, Langston Galloway, Jose Calderon, Jerian Grant, Derrick Rose, Ron Baker, Chasson Randle.

Draymond Green

Green went 35th in a 2012 second turn with a collect a Warriors got, along with Troy Murphy, from a Nets in a 2011 trade for Brandon Wright and Dan Gadzuric. The Nets’ initial rounder that year? For Gerald Wallace, it went to a Blazers who took … Damian Lillard.

Don’t feel bad, Nets fans: Green radically going for Wright and Gadzuric is not a misfortune trade ever. See, a Nets once got Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce …

Shaun Livingston

He radically resurrected his career from a horrible knee damage with a Nets in 2013-14, personification afterwards a career-high 76 games.

Too bad he didn’t scent a little: Livingston played so good with a Nets, they couldn’t means him as a giveaway agent. He sealed with a Warriors.

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