How can Deandre Ayton infer that he’s a subsequent Shaquille O’Neal?

Phoenix Suns initial altogether preference Deandre Ayton has been compared to Shaquille O’Neal. How can he play his rookie deteriorate to make certain he lives adult to that standard?

Shaquille O’Neal pennyless into a NBA and dominated from a impulse he stepped onto a court. Grabbing 18 play in diversion one, 35 points in diversion three, 9 blocks in diversion 45 (he blocked 5 or some-more 23 times that year) afterwards finale his rookie deteriorate with 23.4 points, 13.9 boards, and 3.5 blocks per game.

His rookie deteriorate was a something to behold.

Those kinds of numbers for rookie Deandre Ayton would be mind-blowing. Shaq took Orlando from a group that went 21-61 in 1991-92 to 41-41 in one season, yet Anfernee Hardaway.

Imagine if Ayton put those stats together with Devin Booker?

An easy-enough prophecy would be that they competence win 41 games as good and still skip out on a playoffs, usually like Orlando.

That kind of a stat line would be incredible, arguably a biggest rookie deteriorate in authorization history. It would make a outrageous symbol on a authorization and be a enormous stepping off indicate for a future.

Not usually that, yet like Shaq, if he put adult those stats as a rookie, expansion would fundamentally be approaching and a subsequent stairs of Ayton’s career competence be somewhere nearby Shaq’s.

But is this too most to design from Ayton? Worse, if he doesn’t come anywhere nearby Shaq’s stats, and if a group doesn’t win many games, would there be undue vigour on Ayton to take a giant  jump brazen in 2019-20?

It is indeed fascinating to see how usually 50% to 75% of Shaq’s stats in one deteriorate places Ayton on an evident block that could shift in one of dual directions right away: bust, or destiny star.

So what if Ayton can usually furnish half of Shaq’s stats? It would proportion to 11.7 points, 6.95 rebounds, and 1.75 blocks per game.

Some fans competence be fine with that and see it as a stepping mill low adequate that it truly receptive while also high adequate that it allows for any use of a tenure “bust” to be behind for during slightest another season.

That said, for a actor not usually comparison initial overall, yet a initial drafted “franchise” large male Phoenix has ever had, who is a internal child around Tucson, those stats would means many  fans to fear a worst.

And before we immediately boot a thought of Ayton ever being a bust as poppycock, remember Michael Olowakandi.

Olowakandi averaged 22.2 points and 11.2 rebounds per diversion his youth year during Pacific, (Ayton averaged 20.1 points and 11.6 rebounds per diversion during Arizona) and too was a initial actor comparison in a draft, all a approach behind in 1999.

We positively do not design Ayton to be anywhere nearby as unsatisfactory as ‘Kandi, yet as we mount today, there is no pledge that he won’t.

But a low-end aside (Please, God let that be a comprehensive low-end)  what if Ayton averaged 75% of Shaq’s rookie stats. How would he fare?

How does 17.6 points, 10.4 rebounds, and 2.6 blocks per diversion sound?

Although usually three-quarters of what Shaq averaged, if Ayton walked divided from this deteriorate with that stat line, that would be huge  for both he and a franchise.

Stat lines like that do not come around really mostly for a rookie (Karl Anthony-Towns averaged 18.3 points and 10.5 rebounds his rookie year in 2015-16 yet before that, we have to go behind to 2010-11 and Blake Griffin‘s beast 22.5 points and 12.1 rebounds rookie year).

But as both Ayton’s mind and physique matures it would not be satisfactory to design that during slightest scoring-wise he could normal something along a lines of Shaq’s 23.4 points per diversion subsequent year, and presumably upwards of 12 rebounds as well.

Unlike Shaq, KAT, and Blake though, nothing of those bigs came to a group that already had a extensive wing on a register (the ideal multiple for rival teams).

Ayton has that built in with Devin Booker.

By personification with Book, Ayton too could measure about 50% of Shaq’s rookie stats yet miscarry closer to 75% (or even above) and not tumble into a intensity bust difficulty as his defensive opening would transcend what he lacked in descent output.

We’ll see if pity a round with Book right divided helps or hurts Ayton’s stats (any associating fan could really see it going in possibly direction), and there is a possibility that Ayton finishes a year on a reduce finish of a 50-75% of Shaq’s rookie deteriorate that we have laid out and still demeanour like a potentially great  actor since of a approach he gelled with Book.

We’re not too distant divided from commencement to find out a answers to any of these questions, all of that a whole of a Valley of a Suns are concerned to know.

If Deandre Ayton is truly a subsequent Shaquille O’Neal, afterwards usually time will tell how good he can make a Phoenix Suns be.

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