How and when Andy Murray could remove universe No 1 standing with Rafael Nadal, Stan Wawrinka and Roger Federer …

Rather than players starting from 0 during a start of any season, players can possibly collect points from tournaments they were incompetent to contest in final time turn or suffered an early exit at. They also have to urge those won from past successes.

How many points can we acquire for winning a grand slam?

The 4 grand impact winners collect a whopping 2,000 with finalists collecting 1,200 and semi-finalists 720 each. Masters 1000 events see a winner walk away with, not surprisingly, 1,000 points, a 500 Series hero 500 points and a 250 Series, er, 250 points. 

What’s a competition to London?

Ah, we see that does only total adult all a points won over a deteriorate and doesn’t demeanour into how players fared during a sold contest from a year left by. The tip 8 players will involuntary validate for a deteriorate finale ATP World Tour Finals that takes place during a O2 in London in November.

Rafael Nadal now tops this list with 6,915 points, Roger Federer is second with 4,045pts. Murray is behind in seventh spot.

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