Hope Couch likes Brown

Tim Couch is a intensity authorization quarterback, that is given we trust Cleveland will make him a initial collect overall.

? ? Tim Couch threw for 36 touchdown passes his youth year during Kentucky. His arm strength is above average, and he’ll have a possibility to uncover it during his workouts. In a run-and-shoot offense, we don’t see a lot of passes down a field. We saw a one where he threw opposite his physique rolling left opposite Penn State and went for a touchdown. Normally, he throws a brief pass — three, five, 10 yards.

There is a doubt about Couch’s mechanics. Holding a turn around his ear could be a problem; it has to come down to shoulder length. He only has to tweak that a bit. In a run-and-shoot, he had to have a turn in position to chuck it as fast as possible. Get a turn to a receiver and let him do his damage. You don’t see a seven-step drops and turn positioning a approach it should be in Kentucky’s offense.

There is some discuss about given a Browns would collect him over Heisman Trophy leader Ricky Williams of Texas. It’s given of what it takes for a group to pierce adult in a breeze to get a quarterback. That’s generally loyal when that actor is viewed to be an superb quarterback.

We saw what San Diego had to give Arizona to pierce from a No. 3 to a No. 2 container final year to get Ryan Leaf out of Washington State. The Cardinals were happy to do that given Jake Plummer was rarely regarded and helped them to this season’s playoffs. It cost too many to get a quarterback.

You can get good using backs after on in a draft. Just demeanour during dual of a tip backs in a game, Pro Bowl standouts Terrell Davis and Jamal Anderson. Davis was a sixth-round choice in 1995, while Anderson went in a seventh turn a year before.

A series of excellent using backs have left in a mid-to-late initial turn and second round. The Oilers grabbed Eddie George; he went after in a breeze than Lawrence Phillips. Thurman Thomas and Ricky Watters were second-round choices; Curtis Martin was picked in turn three.

You can find these using backs during any point, though we can’t find many chosen quarterbacks. You can’t get that marquee quarterback if we are picking a small bit lower, like spots three, 4 and five.

If we feel he’s value that high a choice, as Couch is, it creates clarity to take a quarterback.

More on signal-callers
Looking during a quarterbacks in general, Donovan McNabb has an critical week during Senior Bowl workouts in Mobile. Scouts and coaches will get to consider him better.

It was engaging to see that many of a quarterbacks did not have success in their postseason play games. The tip breeze prospects didn’t win a lot of play games. Some of a quarterbacks didn’t get a lot of help, either.

I still feel McNabb is a tip 10 pick. Akili Smith of Oregon is also a intensity tip 10 choice. Daunte Culpepper of Central Florida total as a mid-first rounder.

The quarterback there is a many doubt and discuss about is Cade McNown of UCLA. There is a far-reaching operation of opinions about a southpaw. Some feel he’s a second-round pick, while others feel he could go undrafted.

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