He’s hung with greats from Tiger Woods to Nick Price – though with Byron Nelson move, story stops for Martin

The subsequent year, Tom Byrum begs Martin for a good-luck dance.

“Tom, you’re not from Africa,” he tells a South Dakotan. “It’s not going to work.”

For a record, Price didn’t make a Nelson’s swan strain during Las Colinas, though he texted his aged dancing partner.

I skip saying we all and wish we can come see we soon. Take caring of Charl and Louis.

Unfortunately, Martin couldn’t yield a kind of assistance that a span of South Africans, Charl Schwartzel and Louis Oosthuizen, needed. He hasn’t spent a final 32 years — “all my life in a locker room” — doling out pitch tips. What he’s finished for players is kinder: done a PGA Tour’s tough highway seem a small softer.

Martin will skip what he’s listened in these PGA locker rooms. “Crazy stuff,” he calls it, respectfully disappearing to mangle attendant-player privilege. Stuff he’d hear when a players came behind to a locker room during sleet delays. Every year, in other words.

“One time,” he says, “we had dual or 3 guys in a Jacuzzi, and a lady walks in a behind door. Oh, that was something! At that time, we never approaching this to happen, and these guys were naked!”

Only it comes out “nekkid,” like your grandmother used to say.

Asked how he feels about his final Nelson, he says, “I feel bad, only like each employee. They always say, ‘Everything that has a commencement contingency come to an end.’ If we can die, because should we be great about a contest moving?

“But during a same time, we mislaid it, and we feel bad about it. And we’re losing a lot of money!”

Fortunately for Martin — who, as noted, is losing some good tip income — he also owns a limo use he calls “A Safari.”


“You know, Africa? Safari?”

Occasionally, with no malice dictated whatsoever, Martin can make we feel like an idiot.

Now 59, with 3 sons in college and a daughter in youth high, he’s too unsentimental to get nauseating or perform hypotheticals.

Like, what if a Nelson moves to Trinity Forest, and no one comes? What if it earnings to a Four Seasons in 5 or 6 years?

“Five years,” he says, “is too prolonged to contend I’m gonna be here.”

Just a same, let’s wish so. We need some-more characters.

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