Here’s a Golden State Warriors’ Harrison Barnes Playing 6th Grade-Level Saxophone

Stars: They’re only like us!

Er, kind of. While a alto saxophone we started personification in 4th class and had given adult on by a start of 7th class is entertainment dirt in a behind of my childhood bedroom closet, a Warriors’ wunderkind from Ames, Iowa still has his sax with him — and he’s happy to perform. Now that I’m meditative about carrying seen Barnes at Madrone Art Bar during a funk/soul band’s opening a few years ago (it’s tough to skip someone station a full conduct and a half above a crowd), this creates even some-more sense.

The basketball actor can be seen here personification a tune as partial of a NBA’s “Hidden Talent” series. This is apparently a array in that former basketball players casually ridicule we for a generation of a blurb break. Give it a watch below.


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