Has Time Expired On Conor McGregor’s Reign As UFC Lightweight Champion?

If we’re to trust UFC President Dana White, a time is ticking on Conor McGregor’s power as UFC lightweight champion. That time will – presumably – strike 00:00 someday in March. The existence is McGregor’s time competence have already expired.

Conor McGregor power as UFC lightweight champion could be about to strech a end. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

Earlier this month White used Yahoo! Sports to tell McGregor if he unsuccessful to urge his pretension in a initial entertain of 2018, a UFC would pierce on and have halt champion Tony Ferguson and top-ranked contender Khabib Nurmagomedov quarrel for a undisputed title.

“As prolonged as Conor is peaceful to quarrel by March, we could do Khabib contra Tony and afterwards a leader fights Conor for a title,” White said. “Or Conor doesn’t wish to quarrel and wants to lay out until subsequent tumble and afterwards we would have to make Khabib contra Tony for a title, not a halt title.”

While White did not categorically contend a UFC would frame McGregor of a lightweight belt, that’s precisely a summary he dictated to send.

McGregor won a lightweight pretension in Nov 2016 with a second-knockout of Eddie Alvarez. McGregor hold a featherweight pretension during that time as well. He was nude of a featherweight belt after that same month. McGregor won a featherweight pretension in Dec 2015 with a 13-second knockout of Jose Aldo. The Irish warrior never shielded a pretension before being stripped of his crown.

Earlier this week a UFC announced a pretension quarrel between featherweight champion Max Holloway and former lightweight champion Frankie Edgar would pretension UFC 222. That happens to be a promotion’s Mar pay-per-view event.

The UFC has hold some-more than one PPV label in a month in a past, though according to a promotion’s 2018 report for Las Vegas, Mar is not going to be one of those months. According to MMA Fighting, UFC 222 will be a initial PPV for Las Vegas in 2018. The second will be UFC 226 on Jul 7. That leaves no room for a second PPV in any month between Mar and early July.

Unless McGregor creates his preference to lapse soon, he’s not expected to be combined to a UFC 222 quarrel card. According to McGregor’s conduct manager during SBG Ireland, John Kavanagh, his warrior is still in a routine of classification out options for a entrance year.

“He’s creation a preference on what creates clarity for a subsequent move,” Kavanagh told BBC Northern Ireland on Jan 7. “It’s kind of early days yet. We’re only examination how that has grown while he’s been away; he’s had other going things on. Let’s see what happens in 2018. I’m vehement about it, anyway.”

The final we listened about McGregor’s lapse was that he was not expected to get behind into a octagon until a summer.

“I don’t consider Conor wants to quarrel until August, though if he waits until Aug or September, that’s been about dual years given a belt has been shielded and that can’t happen,” White said.

White now has a dilemma. With UFC 222’s categorical eventuality booked. With no thought if or when McGregor will return. With a thinly potential hazard of stripping McGregor of a belt out there, he has to make a decision. Does he stay loyal to his word or does he concede McGregor to continue to tie adult a lightweight multiplication until Aug 2018?

UFC commentator Joe Rogan recently weighed in on a subject.

“Here’s my prediction: My prophecy (is) Conor doesn’t quarrel for a while. They frame Conor,” Rogan pronounced on a new book a “JRE MMA Show.” “Tony and Khabib quarrel for a star title.”

Let’s be honest, a belt means zero in a large design for McGregor. He has turn a biggest star in a UFC star in a really brief duration of time. A McGregor quarrel will sell PPVs. A McGregor quarrel will beget outrageous sheet revenue. A McGregor quarrel will be a philharmonic with or though a title. A McGregor quarrel will get McGregor paid.

However, if White does live adult to his word and frame McGregor of a lightweight belt, that will only supplement another offered indicate onto McGregor’s return. He’ll turn a male who didn’t remove his pretension in a octagon. You can pledge McGregor will sell himself – during each event – as a legitimate champion. He’ll turn a male a UFC took a pretension divided from for no good reason. The warrior who done a reported $100 million for an Aug fighting compare opposite Floyd Mayweather, could indeed foster himself as one male vs. a malfeasant UFC machine. You know, if he wanted to do that.

With a proclamation of a Holloway vs. Edgar quarrel a subsequent step in a ongoing McGregor play competence have already played out, though that doesn’t meant it’s over.

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