Guti: "Every Player wants to go to Real Madrid"

Jose Maria Guti is behind in Turkey. He has returned to Istanbul, his initial excursion was behind in 2010, where he spent a final few years of his career with Besiktas. Now a partner manager for a “Black Eagles”, Guti, gave an disdainful talk to Marca where he spoke about his need to grow as a coach, Real Madrid’s stream season, and about a intensity lapse to Madrid in a future: “ Of march we consider about returning” he endorsed about a bar he loves.

When initial asked about his practice as an partner manager in Turkey, Guti responded in an upbeat manner, “It’s been good, it’s another experience, we am happy to have done this step and to continue surpassing in my career as a coach. This knowledge will offer me good as we grow in this role, as a coach, that is what we wish to be. It is loyal that this deteriorate has not been easy or simple, though we are pulling on”. Besiktas have had an adult and down season, reportedly struggling to compensate their players and staff wages. Former Madrid player, Pepe, had to cancel his agreement due to a disturbance though apparently attempted to assistance compensate a players and staff before his departure.

The talk afterwards went on to plead Guti’s life and instrumentation in Turkey, a purpose his relatives and family have played in his career, though also his desires as a coach. “I already pronounced it when we left Real Madrid, we indispensable to grow in sequence to be a initial group coach—that is my design for subsequent season. Where? we don’t know. we am ease and happy here, though we never know what could happen” Guti stated. When acted with a following question, Many Madridistas contend that one day Guti will be a initial group manager of Real Madrid—is this still an aspiration, Guti was forthright: “Of course. we have always pronounced it. For me, Real Madrid is a top level, only as it was as a player. we have to acquire it to be means to lapse to Real Madrid”.

It was not prolonged before Marca returned their courtesy to a misfortunes of a stream patrol and asked a former captain for his viewpoint on Madrid’s stream season. “As a Madridista, we have lived it like we all. It has been a difficult season, generally after so many miraculous years of success in Europe. There are cycles and this will pass. we know there are players and people in a bar that have pronounced it clearly, that this could have happened. They didn’t know if it would be this year or a following. Unfortunately, it has happened this year and now a bar needs to sojourn ease and find a best solutions. Madrid will not have any problems in signing players, each actor wants to go to Real Madrid” he affirmed.

Guti is a loyal Madridista. Madrid fans will continue to lane his coaching career as he progresses by a ranks. After his rare success with Juvenil A, a Madrid fable has been identified as a intensity destiny Real Madrid initial group coach. His talk with Marca alluded to a intensity initial group pursuit this summer, time will tell if any offer entices a immature coach.

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