Gus a Dog on new ‘sibling,’ passive-aggressive conflict with Dale Jr.

First off we contingency apologize for a check between blogs. As my owner’s retirement neared, it became my self-assigned avocation to take all of a retirement gifts he was bringing home and bury them in a backyard and that became utterly a time suck. Amy buries many of a crap he hoards from eBay usually easterly of a treehouse, so we had to hang many of a equipment in a automobile graveyard. The tricorn shawl from Loudon? we forsaken that over on Blaney’s porch. With his hair and facial hair he’s median to looking like Jack Sparrow anyways.


The usually thing we didn’t bury is a musket he perceived from a “Magic Mile.” we talked with some of a deer that ramble a skill and we all concluded it would be waggish if Dale indeed attempted to hunt with that thing. The approach we see it, if Dale were to skip with a initial shot, a deer would have time to indicate and giggle during his terrible aim afterwards strut out of operation while he got all undone during a five-minute re-loading process.

I saw he perceived a few animals as gifts and got all nervous, though turns out they were all use animals, that is a good gesture. we meant demeanour during this one. Weirdest-looking dog we have ever seen. 


But it was a really romantic time for all of us. we sobbed many dog tears. It was such a long, unhappy goodbye. Why couldn’t Dale have saved us a romantic breakdowns and usually not shown adult to work like that Carl Edwards male did?


So, a lot has happened given we final blogged. First and foremost, my owners is now strictly late from full-time racing in a Monster Energy Series. It’s kinda good and kinda bad. we have gotten significantly some-more conduct scratches than usual, that we place in a “good” column. Plus, whenever I’m unresolved with him and Amy and we let a scented roar out of a ol’ leather cheerio, we can censure it on him. Two can play that game, humans.


But there’s a lot of downside we never realized. For instance, whenever we’re binge-watching “Say Yes To The Dress,” we rivet in this passive-aggressive conflict where we try to explain some-more cot space. Dude is encroaching on a cot donkey slit that we have spent YEARS developing. It’s my possess tiny divot. I’m like NUH-UH, GINGER INTERLOPER – KNOW YOUR LIMITS. we swear he walks around here like he many owns a place.


Plus, in my opinion, he’s enjoying a fruits of retirement a tiny TOO much. He used to be presentable. Now he walks around here looking like he usually woke adult on some stranger’s front lawn. Even Blaney’s like “Dude, husband your damn self.” And to a neighbors, we am terribly contemptible ­– rest positive that Amy and we are doing all in a energy to get him to indeed wear something underneath his bathrobe when he goes out to get a mail during 3 p.m. Please do not call a military until we can get this resolved.


And before we forget, we wish to honour a associate whose train we took a dump in a integrate years ago on winning that hulk trophy. we consider his name is Martin. His dog’s name is Boden and tell we what, that dog has an ego now. Whatever. As Kyle Busch said, infrequently we usually don’t like a dog.


The other outrageous news is that apparently we are gaining a “new further to a family” as Dale and Amy call it. This is vague. we dunno if this means they’re gonna be tossing another wrecked automobile framework on a skill that we afterwards have to expert on since domain is domain – BACK OFF, JUNEBUG. Or maybe this means that Steve male finally supposed Dale’s crony request. we don’t know.


OHHHHHHHHHHH reason on – wait, we usually figured it out. We’re removing a new tiny human! As in they’re carrying a baby – AJ Allmendinger isn’t relocating in or anything. Oh MAN, that’ll be crazy. Imagine when she’s born. Everyone’s gonna accumulate outward a sanatorium and Dale’s gonna have to go on a roof and reason her adult like Simba.


OK … wow, we got so many to routine right now. Gonna save it for another blog. OH man, suppose what good relatives they’ll be. There’ll be a lot of us here ­– residence will be packaged flattering tight. Not Dale-in-bike-shorts tight. But tight.


They certain are gonna be overwhelming parents. They’ll make certain she’s well-raised, gets good grades, and knows that recognition isn’t a many critical thing. At that indicate she competence gesticulate during Dale’s 643 Most Popular Driver awards on a mantel and Dale’s gonna have to be like “Never mind them.”


SO MUCH TO PROCESS. Feliz Navidad, y’all.


– Gus

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