Grading a Warriors’ core foe in initial preseason diversion vs Wolves

OAKLAND – As a Warriors try to excellent balance in a preseason, a foe for a team’s opening starting core is starting to feverishness up.

In Saturday’s 114-110 detriment to a Minnesota Timberwolves, hopefuls Damian Jones (who got a starting nod), Kevon Looney and Jordan Bell any had a possibility to make an sense for a role.

Here’s a relapse of any player’s performance.

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Damian Jones

Final line: 4 points, 4 rebounds, 2 assists.

Jones perceived a start to sign his fit with a Warriors all-star core. However, he did small to apart himself from a rest of a group, picking adult dual fouls in 7 first-half minutes. The initial came on a layup try from Wolves ensure Jeff Teague, followed by an try to retard Taj Gibson.

“Some things didn’t go my way,” Jones said. “I was late on a switch. That was a reason because (I got a foul). Everything else was cool.”

Jones also struggled opposite Wolves all-star core Karl Anthony Towns, who started 4-5 from a field. Still, Jones, who spent many of final year in a G-League, did uncover off his athleticism on a second half asperse off a feed from Draymond Green.

Jones has a many to infer out of a trio. After removing drafted 30th altogether in 2016, he’s struggled to get on a court, battling injuries and a prolonged army in a G-League final season. Over his reign in a Bay Area, Jones has seemed in only 25 of a probable 164 games. For Jones, Saturday dusk noted a possibility to redress his career.

“It was good removing that initial starting knowledge and it was opposite removing a initial diversion jitters out,” Jones said. “I felt like it was solid.”

Final Grade: C

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Kevon Looney

Final line: 7 points, 3 rebounds, 1 block

Looney’s arguable play was again on arrangement Saturday evening. In further to creation all a scold defensive switches, he even purebred an considerable diseased side retard in a initial quarter.

The third-year brazen even showed alleviation on his jumper, creation a 16-footer in a initial half. Over a summer, Looney shot thousands of jumpers during his workouts during UCLA, creation a indicate to fire it in afternoon pickup games featuring top-level NBA talent.

“I shot a lot of shots,” Looney said. “I feel unequivocally gentle with my jumpshot this season.”

An engaging fold Kerr used was pairing Looney and Bell during a initial half. The dual have grown a chemistry over a past dual seasons operative out in Los Angeles, and Looney believes a lineup can pullulate this season.

“It was good synergy,” Looney said. “We worked together all summer.”

Grade: B

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Jordan Bell

Final line: 10 points, 7 rebounds, 1 block

Bell showed a peep from early in his rookie season, facilely restraint shots, while scoring 10 first-half points.

However, his night was not but mistakes. In a initial quarter, he fumbled a pass in transition from Stephen Curry, afterwards threw an erring pass dictated for Quinn Cook as a entertain drew to a close. By a finish of a game, Bell had amassed 4 turnovers, that he believes can be corrected.

“I was threading a needle,” Bell pronounced of a passes. “Its preseason so we was only perplexing things today.”

Still, Bell did yield highlights, like a 18-foot initial half jumpshot, or a his discerning jaunty put behind off his possess miss.

Bell is also perplexing out another idea this season: staying consistent. Part of that goal is balancing a expansion of his diversion with a proportions of a offense. By that measure, he was successful Saturday night.

“You only gotta know what kind of actor we are,” Bell said. “I know I’m not Steph, I’m not KD, I’m JB, we can’t be anybody else even if we wanted to.”

Final Grade: B

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