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    The Washington Redskins haven’t been generally active in rookie giveaway agency. There have been some good adds like big-school descent linemen Tyler Catalina of Georgia and Kyle Kalis of Michigan.

    But it’s a many new signing a team’s done that’s value articulate about—because it’s fascinating.

    Nico Marley isn’t accurately a linebacker. In fact, during only 5’9″ and 195 pounds (with a hurl of buliding in his pockets), Marley’s small by NFL reserve standards.

    However, Marley’s done his participation felt a final few years during Tulane, and his former college manager told Mark Wright of The Undefeated that large hitters many confidently come in smaller packages.

    “If we have a intelligent man who can run, who leaves it all out on a margin and plays as forward as he does and is an well-developed leader, we have to take as many guys as we can like that,” Curtis Johnson said. “Besides his size, that is a large cause for everyone, this man could have played anywhere in a nation with his speed and athleticism. He’s a rebellious machine, a sideline-to-sideline actor who tackles with some-more impact than many guys most bigger than him. we mean, he was all we wanted in a linebacker.”

    Marley isn’t personification linebacker in a pros. He might not even play safety, nonetheless after about 5 mins of examination him run around like his hair’s on fire, putting him on flog coverage doesn’t seem like a half-bad idea.

    Anyway, Marley’s standing as a ultimate “tweener” isn’t a fascinating part.

    Marley, who was innate in Haiti and lived in Jamaica as a child before relocating to Florida, is a son of Rohan Marley, who is in spin a son of Bob Marley.

    Yes, that Bob Marley.

    Fans of a Redskins should base for this kid. we wish they get a possibility to see him play in a preseason.

    He’s a small little whirling dervish of reggae destruction.

    GRADE: B

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