Grading Every Golden State Warriors Player Entering NBA Finals

    Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

    10. Patrick McCaw, SG

    McCaw embodies a oppulance that is a Warriors’ depth. When they have been though Andre Iguodala or Kevin Durant this season, McCaw—a rookie second-rounder, remember—has filled in admirably, notwithstanding his purpose vacillating extravagantly around those puncture appearances. He might not be guaranteed suggestive Finals mins if Golden State is during full strength, though he’s valid prepared to assistance if needed.

    Grade: B


    9. David West, PF

    There isn’t an offense improved versed to implement West’s prophesy and passing. Whether he’s attack cutters on a move, spotting open snipers or adhering mid-range jumpers when given too many space, a 36-year-old is abounding as a proxy descent heart (6.9 assists per 36 minutes, second on a team). Athleticism still gives him problems defensively, though he’s abounding where a group needs him most.

    Grade: B


    8. Ian Clark, SG

    The explanation that was regular-season Ian Clark has reached new heights in a playoffs. Everything is up—points (7.5), rebounds (1.8) and sharpened from all 3 levels (.524/.400/.933). The 6’3″ scoring ensure is also pleat 2.8 points off his opponents’ field-goal percentages.

    “He unequivocally battles,” Warriors partner manager Ron Adams said, per Bay Area News Group’s Carl Steward. “I consider what distinguishes him is that he’s unequivocally good on a ball, unequivocally active, and he unequivocally likes to brew it adult around a rim. … He has a good progression of defensive skills and when he’s confident, he only does a good pursuit doing a lot of things.”

    Clark didn’t always have a revolution mark in a unchanging season, though he’s played some-more mins during a large dance than everybody though a Hamptons Five.

    Grade: B+


    7. Shaun Livingston, PG

    As singular as Livingston is as a 6’7″ indicate guard, it can be tough during times for him to mount out. The Warriors have a two-time MVP regulating point, and a horde of long-limbed, intelligent transmutable parts. Livingston is sharpened an absurd 61.3 percent and hauling in 6.0 rebounds per 36 minutes. But he’s mostly been a credentials actor by 3 rounds, and he mislaid 3 games to a sprained finger.

    Grade: B-


    6. Zaza Pachulia, C

    Pachulia’s playoff run will be remembered for distant some-more than his play. He became public rivalry No. 1 for injuring Kawhi Leonard, afterwards he entertained a masses by failing to find a shawl large adequate for his head. He also missed a final dual games with a heel damage though sounds fine for a Finals. On a court, he was his standard solid-but-unspectacular self, regulating smarts and muscle to conflict a miss of athleticism.

    Grade: B-

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