Gordo: Sobotka’s lapse to Blues would fill outrageous need

Could it unequivocally be? Could Vladimir Sobotka‘s outcast to Siberia finally end?

Blues fans certain wish so. This group needs some-more weapons adult front and Sobotka could supplement supplemental scoring, match-up checking ability and devoted chastisement murdering for a playoffs.

His stay appears to be operative a multi-year understanding to lapse to a NHL after terminating his agreement in Russia.

Sobotka’s long-awaited reemergence would accelerate a patrol traffic with a detriment of pivotal brazen Robby Fabbri to a season-ending knee injury.

General manager Doug Armstrong knew this in-season lapse was a probable behind when he changed imminent giveaway representative Kevin Shattenkirk to a Washington Capitals. The long-term income top space saved from Shattenkirk’s depart could emanate room for Sobotka’s return.

This doubt came during a news discussion after Shattenkirk’s exit. At a time, Armstrong waved it off.

He was sleepy of articulate about a actor that never should have left to Russia in a initial place after unwell to settle on a new agreement here. He was sleepy about articulate about a actor that kept expressing seductiveness in returning to St. Louis . . . though kept staying with Avangard in a Kontinental Hockey League.

He was sleepy of guessing what was function with a actor that dismissed one representative named Petr Svoboda and hired another representative named Petr Svoboda.

In 138 games in Russia, Sobotka constructed 37 goals and 102 points in 138 games. He got to play some-more of an descent role, that could have a certain carryover to a NHL.

On a other hand, he would also have to regulate to a smaller ice surfaces and faster gait of NHL games. Could Blues manager Mike Yeo get him adult to speed for a start of postseason play?

If Sobotka finally returns, afterwards a Blues radically traded Shattenkirk for Sobotka, Zach Sanford, a first-round collect and additional consideration. That works, no?

His return, and Fabbri’s comeback, could give a Blues a improved demeanour adult front subsequent season. Sanford and Ivan Barbashev have progressed easily during their replacement stints and they seem able of stuffing Top 9 roles.

But if Sobotka could core a No. 2 or No. 3 line, that could make a outrageous disproportion subsequent season.

Sobotka’s lapse could also change a Blues’ enlargement breeze plans. They will get to strengthen possibly 8 skaters and one goaltender or 4 forwards, 3 defensemen and a goaltender.

Right now a former probability seems some-more likely, given a Blues clearly have veterans to scapegoat on a blue line. They also have some-more prospects entrance along on invulnerability than they have entrance adult front.

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