Gordo: Rasmus left colorful bequest after exiting baseball

Our National Pastime isn’t a utterly same though former Cardinals outfielder Colby Rasmus, who unceremoniously walked divided from a Tampa Bay Rays final month while battling a ongoing hip injury.

Rasmus was, well, unique.

“We speak about personalities in round and his was among a best, I’d say,” teammate Alex Cobb told MLB.com “Not holding yourself severely was his thing. Every day he came in, and we never knew what we were going to get. He always called himself diverse. You know, so he was means to hang out with each group. And that’s really what he was.”

Added teammate Corey Dickerson: “Being who we are. That’s what he favourite to call it. He dressed different. He did things out of a ordinary, though it was since he was being himself. And that’s how he likes to play a game, too.”

Of course, that didn’t go over good with former Cardinals manager Tony La Russa and a maestro group surrounding Rasmus here.

Rasmus was a passed lift hitter. Use a whole field? Drive a round from opening to gap? Colby would have zero of that. Nor would his coach/father Tony Rasmus, who remained a immature man’s personal attack instructor most to a organization’s common chagrin.

Also, Colby didn’t seem to give a mote some days. He only wanted to play round and be left alone. He only wanted to hunt and fish during his down time . .  . and eat a occasional chili dog.

Later, he combined a full “Duck Dynasty” demeanour to his persona. That was only Colby being Colby. That didn’t make him unpopular during his successive stops in Toronto, Houston and Tampa Bay, only different.

So when he walked divided from a Rays final month, folks disturbed that a personal predicament derailed his season. The group released this rather meaningful statement:

“The Rays entirely support Colby’s preference to step divided from baseball. We are grateful for his contributions to a team. And we wish him and his family a best as they pierce forward. Respecting a remoteness of Colby and his family, a Rays will have no serve comment.”

So what was going on there?

“We kind of, as an organization, are not going to criticism about it too much. But we conclude all of his efforts,” Rays manager Kevin Cash told reporters during a time. “We were a good group with Colby and he did a lot of good things for us.”

You can see because folks wondered if something was up.

Colby’s hermit Casey abruptly late from round during 24 while personification in a Cardinals organization. And behind in 2015 Colby, who was 28 during a time, told Hall of Fame P-D ballwriter Rick Hummel that he was looking to retire to his cattle plantation in a few years:

“I’m removing a small comparison now. I’ve been holding a violence on this body. I’m a lot comparison than we used to be. Playing on that territory in Toronto was flattering tough. It has a good chunk of petrify underneath and we was diving on it. we didn’t baby myself and take it easy.”

Tony Rasmus told a Columbus Ledger-Enquirer that a whinging hip damage triggered a departure.

“I had so many people job me saying, ‘My God, I’m praying for him and his family.’ And I’m like, ‘What? Why?’ We conclude all a prayers, don’t get me wrong, though there’s zero wrong. It’s only his hip,” a elder Rasmus told a newspaper.

“He only didn’t wish to be rehabbing a rest of a year, and we don’t consider he wanted to take their income if he wasn’t playing. He’s a oddball when it comes to that.”

Rasmus left $2.2 milllion on a list by walking divided so, yes, that is a bit weird. That would buy a lot of chili dogs.

Tony lamented that a Rays matter left folks wondering “if he should be on self-murder watch” and a sense “that there’s something happening, though there’s nothing.”

Well, let’s wish so. Rasmus was utterly a impression and fun to watch put charges into baseballs.

As Tony posted on Facebook:

“Well a unhappy day currently as Colby’s hip only wouldn’t reanimate and I’m not certain he wanted to have another medicine on it. Playing in a large leagues is a tough gig and Colby’s physique has taken a beating. So he’s observant goodbye to Major League Baseball. Man it’s certain been fun examination him play. 8 and years and 165 home runs for a spare child from Phenix city Alabama only isn’t too bad.”

Hear, hear.

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