Gordo: Mozeliak bolsters Braves, though Cards needs remain

Cardinals ubiquitous manager John Mozeliak is doing his best assistance a once-proud Atlanta Braves authorization recover a luster.

First he traded starting pitcher Jaime Garcia to that struggling team, stuffing one of a many revolution holes during a offseason. Then he sent Matt Adams their approach as an damage deputy for initial baseman Freddie Freeman, who could be sidelined until early Aug with a damaged wrist.

The sum lapse for those dual trades: Pitchers Chris Ellis and John Gant, now toiling in Memphis, and infield prospects Luke Dykstra and Juan Yepez, who are personification for Class A turn teams.

Naturally, fans consternation if Mozeliak is doing an optimal pursuit of item management. Both Garcia and Adams became peculiar group out for a Cardinals, true, though couldn’t he gold a package of peculiar group out for one impact player?

Couldn’t he revoke register confusion AND ascent his large joining team? After all, this group still needs another run writer for a center of a batting sequence and another furnish for a bullpen.

But creation such deals is easier pronounced than finished these days, given some-more teams are adhering to some-more talent and adhering with build-from-within plans. Many of a three-for-one trades these days underline one maestro relocating for mixed prospects, not mixed veterans for a improved veteran.

Mozeliak went a veteran-for-prospects track with Garcia, traffic with a Braves authorization awash in earnest teen leaguers after roving a tank-and-rebuild route.

Could he have finished better? That’s debatable.

Garcia’s endless damage story and failing agreement discontinued his value. He was a year private from giveaway group with a $12 million income for this season. Like other teams, a Braves noticed him as a refuge further with a intensity for re-signing if all went well.

Had a Cardinals traded him to a unfortunate contender perplexing to fill an damage need in July, a lapse would have been greater. But gripping Garcia bustling (and so his trade value high) until Jul was going to be difficult, given a team’s starting revolution strength.

Adams is a primary instance of how part-time work reduces a player’s trade value. Mozeliak would have changed him over a winter had an appealing offer come his way, though seductiveness was tepid.

Adams hasn’t been an bland actor given 2014. And don’t forget, power-hitting initial baseman met a cold giveaway representative marketplace final winter. Just ask Pedro Alvarez about that.

The male whacked 49 homers a final dual seasons and couldn’t get a sniff. Finally, he returned to a Baltimore Orioles on a teen joining understanding and supposed an assignment to Triple-A Norfolk.

Adams churned himself into primary figure for this season, though Matt Carpenter‘s change to initial bottom cursed Not-So-Big City to a pinch-hitting role. His already singular trade value decreased some more.

Such is a quandary GMs mostly face. By unresolved on to remaining veterans, they can say abyss during a large joining turn as insurance from injuries. (See Peralta, Jhonny.)

But by gripping them past their “must sell by” dates, they revoke their marketability.

Such is a cost of long-lived contention.

The Cardinals gained some organizational abyss in these trades with Atlanta, that has some value to a authorization that might not get most from a 2017 breeze (due to “Hackgate” sanctions) and will be quieter in a general marketplace after a ancestral spending spree.

Gant could infer useful in a nearby term. He reached a large leagues final deteriorate for a Braves, overhanging between a revolution and bullpen. He is only removing behind to full strength after recuperating from a groin flesh injury.

He could turn an damage replacement this deteriorate or concede a some-more gifted starting pitching awaiting — particularly Luke Weaver — to pierce into a service purpose for a Cardinals and supplement swing-and-miss things to a struggling bullpen.

Remember how Carlos Martinez bolstered a bullpen behind in a day? That’s what we would do with Weaver, and progressing rather than later.

Ellis has a things to representation in a large league, though bad authority binds him back. If he could ever lift it together during a Triple-A turn (where he is struggling for a second year in a row) he could yield depth.

A authorization can never have adequate arms during a tip teen joining levels, as Daniel Poncedeleon‘s near-tragic conduct damage reminded us. The rubbing rate with pitchers is staggering.

Dykstra appears to be another organizational soldier, able of stuffing a purpose while some-more gifted center infield prospects like Delvin Perez and Edmundo Sosa learn a trade.

But what about Yepez? As a teen sealed out of Venezuela to a seven-digit bonus, he seemed to possess power-hitting potential. But after creation a plain initial clarity during a rookie joining turn in 2015, injuries cost him a developmental deteriorate in 2016.

In Year 3 of his teen joining career he strike only one homer in 142 during bats for a Rome Braves in a South Atlantic League. Scouts consternation if he can reason adult defensively during third bottom so Yepez, 19, will need to flesh adult offensively if he settles during initial base.

He is attack .275 this deteriorate with 13 doubles, so there is still a chance. The Cardinals have distant some-more peculiarity pitching prospects than peculiarity attack prospects, so targeting Yepez done sense. The child has a strike tool.

Meanwhile in Atlanta, Braves fans should be beholden a Cardinals sent reinforcements their way.

Adams was hitless in 4 during bats in a 3-2 detriment to a Washington Nationals Sunday, though he total to furnish some runs once he settles in. Last deteriorate he strike during a 30-homer gait final deteriorate as a part-timer for a Cardinals.

“Everybody out there knows I’m not perplexing to come here and be Freddie,” Adams told Atlanta reporters after arriving. “I’m only perplexing to be myself and get out there and play. I’m only vehement to have a opportunity, and I’m only going to try to run with it.”

Garcia (1-3, 4.07 earned-run average) worked 8 clever innings in that loss, convalescent a representation authority that eluded him in progressing starts.

“The whole tour was great. That’s kind of how we prognosticate him being,” Braves manager Brian Snitker told reporters after a game. “I watch his stuff. we demeanour during a video, and we don’t know how they strike him. Everything is only relocating so much. That was unequivocally enlivening today.”

As for a Cardinals, they are removing some mileage from Peralta as an additional male in a final deteriorate of his four-year deal. More register classification will start as players like Tyler Lyons and Jose Martinez get healthy.

To make a blockbuster deal, a Cardinals will expected have to offer adult prospects like Weaver and Magneuris Sierra. To pierce additional veterans, they expected contingency settle for intermediate prospects like a ones gained from Atlanta.

That’s not what Cardinal Nation wants to hear, though that is a state of a attention today.

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