Gordo: Mizzou’s Martin works during changing culture

COLUMBIA, MO. • There is zero imagination about Cuonzo Martin’s ongoing construction plan over in Boone County.

Missouri’s new men’s basketball manager has set firm, simple and transparent clear objectives for a group. Freshman ensure C.J. Roberts saw that when Martin done a home visit, anticipating to keep his fasten to a propagandize after Kim Anderson’s departure.

“He usually came in, looked me in my eyes and told me ‘I’m not going to let we cut corners, I’m going to be on we about everything, tiny things, it’s going to be a brief leash. we wish we to be great, we wish to be great, that’s what we’re going to do,’” Roberts recalled.

Freshman ensure Blake Harris got a design when he recovered from wrist medicine and was privileged to use fully.

The earthy defensive play got his attention, along with a outspoken struggle communication.

Junior brazen Kevin Puryear was used to blending it up, yet Martin’s sprightly use gait challenged him.

“The speed is usually … I’ve never been by anything like this speed, ever, in my career,” Puryear said.

Anderson preached invulnerability when he returned to his alma mater as conduct coach, yet his teams occasionally got after opponents. Middling programs (or worse) could come into Mizzou Arena and win games.

He attempted to teach discipline, arising cessation after cessation during his initial year, yet unsuccessful to revive order. He shied divided from transfers and preached crew continuity, yet suffered indiscriminate defections.

He hoped to spin a dilemma once he finally had “his” players in place, yet zero altered in Year 3. So Martin is starting over, stressing mental toughness, earthy conditioning, defensive persistence and descent adaptability.

If that means chubby on 15-pound weight vests for a whole practice, that’s what a Tigers will do. If that means seeking a tough highway diversion opposite Utah to plea a players with adversity, that is what a staff will do.

Martin and his staff are putting a players by their summer march and laying a grounds for a harder work ahead.

“You have dual hours a week,” Martin pronounced Monday. “There is usually so most we can do in dual hours. The summer time, … we see a guys put their sold work in. So a guys that get in additional shots, a thousand shots a day, a week, we see those guys make progress. You watch them in Nov and December, we see a formula of that tough work.”

Given those NCAA-mandated coaching limitations, there is not most Xs and Os work in their sessions. The offense, in particular, will develop according what a players show.

“The biggest thing we try to do in a summer months is usually get guys to compete, either it’s one-on-one, three-on-three, five-on-five,” Martin said. “We’re usually competing, battling. We exercise a few things, afterwards we watch film. We have a lot of good film to watch in August, into September. So now we start implementing all we wish to do since we know your personnel.”

But players start creation an sense from Day 1.

Michael Porter Jr.?

He can do it all offensively, yet his fasten to invulnerability impresses. That is no tiny matter, since Porter could go initial in a 2018 NBA Draft. Not each teen with such immeasurable intensity thatch in on weak-side assistance principles.


He is operative on his ballhandling and his quickness, improving his ability to lift bigger players outward and take them off a dribble. But Puryear still will conduct to blocks when he can feat a smaller defender.

Reed Nikko?

The large fella is display no stipulations from double hip medicine before his beginner deteriorate or a high ankle twist he suffered during a campaign. He is throwing his weight around, improving his fringe shot and holding his possess in lively drills. But he needs to run a building improved to keep adult with swift beginner core Jeremiah Tilmon.


The beginner indicate ensure has overcome wrist medicine and jumped into full hit scrimmaging, fasten a energetic backcourt competition. Say hello to obligatory Terrence Phillips!

“You compete, we play, we acquire minutes,” Martin said. “The biggest pivotal is guys earning their minutes. You speak about a starting five, we warranted it. It goes by what we see on a floor, what you’re doing as distant as your work ethic.”

Norm Stewart built a program. Quin Snyder attempted and failed. Mike Anderson succeeded, afterwards jumped to Arkansas. Frank Haith won some games with an ever-changing register and staff, afterwards bailed to Tulsa as a NCAA’s scandal-sniffing dogs sealed in. Anderson spotless adult some of Haith’s mess, yet unsuccessful to build.

Now it’s Martin’s turn. He has been by this routine during Missouri State, Tennessee and California. How prolonged does it take to teach a culture?

“I consider a enlightenment is time,” he said. “I don’t know that we can teach a enlightenment over a march of 3 or 4 months. we consider that’s a program. You demeanour adult 5 years later, that’s a culture, whatever that is. we consider anybody says they got a enlightenment in place in a month, I’d like to accommodate that guy.

“You’re still removing to know a immature men. I’m perplexing to figure out Kevin Puryear, even yet he’s been partial of a program. The new guys that are coming, you’re try still to understand. Even in recruiting, we don’t unequivocally know a guy.

“You see, we watch, it’s not like we spend time, weeks during a time. You watch and weigh them in a summer time. It’s not like we can speak to them. You can speak to them over a phone, we can text. we consider those relationships, when we get on campus, perplexing to build it, know a things that worry them outward basketball.

“The enlightenment is what we exercise as a module and hopefully stands a exam of time.”

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