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COMMENT: Local media fell hook, line and sinker for Cards management’s open training spin that this group was appreciably improved than final year’s. It seems like a infancy of those essay about a Cards were not guileless conveyors of reality, and there hasn’t been many burden for that or many feverishness placed on a team. 

GORDO: we picked a Cubs to win a multiplication again, for all a apparent reasons. we favourite a Cards starting pitching, and a starting pitching during a subsequent dual levels, and that has mostly hold up. we figured a Cards had to see what they had with Wong and Grichuk once and for all. Wong looks like he is creation it; Grichuk, not so much. we favourite Fowler and didn’t design him to be hovering during a Mendoza Line in mid-May. we believed Carpenter could be a good No. 3 hitter and we was positively wrong about that. I’m a Piscotty fan and I’m positively not prepared to give adult on him, though it’s been one thing after another with him this season. we had concerns about a bullpen that current valid.

But, yes, we figured this group could get into a furious label hunt out of a diseased multiplication and have resources to pierce for upgrades, once a group sorted itself out. This group has a ton of good immature pitching and many of it is healthy and prospering. But now a furious label is really off a list and a Cards are left chasing a Cubs group that has a resources to finish strong. So, sure, I’m astounded to see a group where it is at.

Follow-up: How do a Cards get better? They seem to have a series of interrelated position players — personification out of position or not good during that position.

GORDO: The outfield invulnerability has been a biggest disappointment. There was no reason for that, generally when Grichuk was playing. Chris Maloney took a tumble for that, too, though Piscotty, in particular, only needs to play better. Wong can take divided hits when healthy during second bottom and Carpenter does a slightest repairs during initial base, so we do consider this group has upgraded the infield defense.

But, yes, there a lot of purpose guys on this group and not adequate loyal impact guys. That suggests a bigger makeover might be coming.

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