Golf — Dustin Johnson views vital misses as positives, not negatives

Jun 9, 2017

It was a kind of unfolding that would’ve been developed for satire if it wasn’t so potentially calamitous. On a fifth hole of final year’s U.S. Open, Dustin Johnson’s golf turn competence or competence not have changed a millimeter, and he competence or competence not have caused it to happen.

Seven holes later, with Johnson perplexing to win his long-elusive initial vital championship, USGA officials explained to him that a conditions would be theme to video examination following a finish of his round.

His associate players were dumbfounded. Rory McIlroy took to amicable media to call it “ridiculous.” Tiger Woods insisted it was a “farce.” Jordan Spieth deemed it a “joke.”

Meanwhile, Johnson simply soldiered on.

The man with so many heart-wrenching vital moments in years past stiff-armed a other contenders down a widen before posting a bold birdie on a final to win by 4 shots — or so he thought.

Following that video review, he was penalized an considerate cadence that left him with a 3-stroke winning margin.

He owns a trophy, though still, one year later, doesn’t determine with a ruling.

Prior to this year’s U.S. Open, a fortifying champion spoke with about a sum of final year’s victory, a pressures (or miss thereof) of being No. 1 in a universe and what scares him, both on and off a golf course.

Q: You’re on a 12th hole during Oakmont and they tell we there’s going to be a video review. You’re perplexing to win a U.S. Open. What’s going by your mind during that point?
A: we knew that we didn’t do anything to make it move, so it didn’t worry me. I’m like, I’m not removing a penalty, so it doesn’t matter. We can go demeanour during a video, whatever we wish to do, we didn’t do anything. So during that point, it didn’t worry me. we was only focused on playing.

Q: Did people trust you?
A: we doubt it. Maybe some of them did, though we believed it. When we unequivocally suspicion we had a possibility would have been toward a finish of my sophomore year [at Coastal Carolina]. we started to play a lot some-more consistently. we won a East Regional, and from there my youth and comparison years were unequivocally good. So that was substantially when we unequivocally started to trust it. Then when we initial came out on tour, we had a lot of success early. we apparently won that initial year.

Q: Do we comprehend that we mostly make winning demeanour easy?
A: we try to make it as easy as possible.

Q: But it doesn’t demeanour as easy when other players win. That’s not a strike on anyone else, though when we win, it doesn’t demeanour as difficult.
A: Well, that’s a point. You should try to make this diversion demeanour as elementary as possible. we know that’s tough to do, though infrequently it’s not as hard. When I’m banishment on all cylinders, my diversion is flattering good.

Q: Does anything make we nervous?
A: we always get nervous. It’s a good nervous, since it means a lot to me. I’ve been in these situations adequate now where I’m nervous, though we know how to hoop it.

Q: Tiger [Woods] has always pronounced that. If we don’t have butterflies on a initial tee, afterwards it means we don’t care.
A: Every day we step on to a initial tee, we have that. Then it gets staid down, though a juices start issuing on a back-nine when you’re in a lead or in contention.

Q: A small opposite than being nervous: Does anything make we scared?
A: On a golf course? we don’t consider so. we mean, there’s a ton of places we don’t wish to strike it, though we strike it there anyway. I’m not frightened to strike it in a H2O or wherever, since we do it all a time. I’m not astounded if we strike a bad shot.

Q: Off a course, does anything shock you?
A: Yeah, all kinds of things. we don’t like snakes or spiders. we don’t like anything we can’t see. we dive a lot; sharks aren’t my favorite. But they don’t worry me, usually.

Q: Usually?
A: As prolonged as you’re not holding a passed fish in your hand, they’re not going to come nearby you. They competence only come check we out a little.

Q: You know your sponsors are going to see this and tell we to stay divided from a sharks.
A: we don’t know anybody who likes them. we do honour them, though they’re really not my favorite.

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