Golden State Warriors essay ‘new chapter’ after final year’s Finals loss





USA TODAY Sports’ Sam Amick breaks down what’s subsequent for a Golden State Warriors.

SAN ANTONIO — The barbarous fasten never stopped personification in their minds.

The 3-1 lead. The LeBron James stepover in Game 4. The Draymond Green cessation for Game 5. The Kyrie Irving stepback during a end. The rare NBA Finals fall opposite a Cleveland Cavaliers.

So when a Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry was asked late Monday night if he had ever watched a film of those vivid aged memories, he gave a same answer he had when their highway to emancipation began 7 months ago.

“Last summer, (yes),” a back-to-back MVP pronounced after their Western Conference finals brush of a San Antonio Spurs was complete. “But given we started playing? No.”

The idea now? Make that old, as Curry pronounced behind in Oct in an Under Armour blurb that gave a window into his world.

As legacies go, a Warriors find themselves during a fascinating flare in a road.

A second pretension in 3 years – generally if it comes opposite a Cavs in what still appears unfailing to be a initial time in joining story that a same teams met in 3 uninterrupted Finals — would put Golden State behind on a trail to a intensity dynasty. A second Finals detriment in 3 years – generally given a offseason further of Kevin Durant – would open a gates of inspection ruin in ways they shouldn’t even ponder. Strength in Numbers competence be their motto, though All or Nothing is their reality.


It doesn’t matter that they became a initial organisation to enter a Finals with a  12-0 playoff record, only like it didn’t matter that they became a initial organisation to win 73 unchanging deteriorate games before it all came crashing down a year ago. What matters now, and what they will spend a subsequent 8 days obsessing over from each probable angle streamer into a Finals opener on Jun 1, is regulating a benefaction to reanimate their past.

“This year is a totally opposite year, opposite group, opposite journey,” Curry said. “I don’t consider we need to watch a Finals to know what a knowledge is like, and to be prepared for it. We all know, obviously, who we’re going to play. We’ll be examination a Eastern Conference finals to see how that unfolds.

“But it will be easy to start this new section and unequivocally only close in on what’s in front of us. The past teaches we a lot, though it doesn’t matter right now. We have an event in front of us, and we have to concentration on that.”

For all a hand-wringing about these playoffs being boring, a law all along was that a intensity boon would be value a wait since of a stupidity of these stakes. Were James means to win a fourth pretension opposite these vaunted Warriors in his seventh uninterrupted Finals appearance, only one year after carrying them to a ancestral finish a year ago, a biggest actor of all time discuss would be front and core like never before. Should a Warriors finish a job, with Curry still personification his dictatorial partial as a substructure after opening a doorway for Durant’s attainment from Oklahoma City final summer, a joining will be theirs again.

All of that explains a resigned stage during a ATT Center Monday night.

The Warriors distinguished their contention title, of course, though it was zero like before. The contention was mostly about what comes next, about a health and capricious standing of sidelined manager Steve Kerr and a doubt of how they’ll use this extended mangle they warranted to equivocate a rust. This is aged shawl for a Warriors who have been here, and only a stop along a approach for Durant as he heads to a Finals for a second time.

“Yeah, it’s a small different, definitely,” pronounced Durant, who mislaid to James’ Miami Heat while with a Thunder in 2012. “I can’t lie. we went (to a Finals) when we was 23 years old, and it felt like a Western Conference finals was roughly like a championship. Just removing to that point, we know how tough it is and how most work we put in to start a season.

“So it’s a small opposite now, obviously. We have a bigger idea in mind. But you’ve got to suffer everything, man. When we demeanour during it, this is only a blip on a radar in terms of a whole life. So each impulse is really important, and we wish to welcome it and suffer it. But a lot of guys are some-more seasoned now and know what it takes to get here, know what it takes to try to finish this thing off. So we’re excited, though we’re not satisfied.”

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