Golden State Warriors: Who is your favorite player? (POLL)

The Golden State Warriors have copiousness of extraordinary players. Who is your favorite star on a team?

The Golden State Warriors have a lot of good players on their team. Last season, they had 4 All-Stars. None of those players were a 2015 Finals MVP.

In further to those 5 players that contain a Super Death Lineup, there are other amiable and plain players. Shaun Livingston has been a pivotal maestro for a Warriors over a final 3 seasons. Patrick McCaw is a immature actor with a lot of potential. The list goes on and on.

Golden State was during a tip of a NBA in sell sales over a final year. Stephen Curry was no. 1 in jersey sales. LeBron James was second, followed by Kevin Durant. Draymond Green and Klay Thompson were also in a tip fifteen.

So, with so many good players on a roster, who is DubNation’s favorite? Luckily, there’s a check for Warriors fans to yield input.

Curry is a face of a franchise. Durant had one of a biggest moments in group history. Green is a heartbeat. Thompson has an impossibly singular personality.

It’s a oppulance removing to have this kind of conversation. The Warriors have (at least) 4 destiny Hall of Famers on their patrol in their prime. There’s no wrong answer.

At a time of this post being published, there are over dual days left to vote. Make certain we conduct over to BlueManHoop’s Twitter to opinion on this check and other polls in a future.

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