Golden State Warriors Take A 2-0 Lead Over Cleveland Cavaliers


So Game 2 of a NBA Finals was final night. And it didn’t compare a play and all-out idiocy of a initial diversion between a Golden State Warriors and a Cleveland Cavaliers. In that one, there were blown calls that were undisguised errors and an overtime win for a Warriors. Still, final night in Oakland, there was story as Golden State dominated Cleveland, 122 to 103, and took a 2-games-to-none lead in a series. NPR’s Tom Goldman was there, and he filed this report.

TOM GOLDMAN, BYLINE: Warriors fans weren’t going to let Game 1 go that easily. Can we censure them? If Cleveland’s J.R. Smith hadn’t done a vital boo-boo, dribbling a round instead of perplexing to measure with seconds left, a Warriors competence have lost. And so it was final night. As a Cavs players were introduced pregame to a carol of boos from a home crowd, there was this.




GOLDMAN: Not usually did Smith get that outrageous cheer, when he shot giveaway throws during a game, Oracle Arena reverberated with chants of MVP, MVP. Funny Bay Area people became happy Bay Area people as a Warriors grabbed a lead from a start and never gave it back. The euphoria appearance in a fourth quarter…


GOLDMAN: …when Warriors ensure Steph Curry strike another clearly unfit 3-point shot on his approach to history. His 9 done 3-pointers were an NBA finals record. One in sold was, for miss of a improved description, ridiculous. Tightly rhythmical by Cleveland’s Kevin Love, with a 24-second shot time about to expire, Curry launched a shot from what seemed like a mile away, as he was flapping divided from a basket.

STEPH CURRY: we try all sorts of shots during some indicate or another. But during that point, it’s usually feel and let it go. And thankfully it went in. And it was cold impulse for sure.

GOLDMAN: Not from Kevin Love’s vantage point.

KEVIN LOVE: We played 23-and-a-half good seconds of defense. And, we know, he incited around and strike a moonball.

GOLDMAN: As good as Curry and Golden State’s offense were, a invulnerability took a star spin as well. Head manager Steve Kerr betrothed some-more vigour on Cleveland’s LeBron James, after James scored 51 in a opener. Last night, he was hold to 29. He also dished out 13 assists. Asked if he felt Golden State defenders done him work harder, as Coach Kerr had wanted, James got snarly.

LEBRON JAMES: we consider we usually got sleepy once tonight.

GOLDMAN: If any Cavs actor had reason to snarl, it was a remarkable toast of Oakland J.R. Smith. But even after personification what he called a terrible game, he pronounced he welcomed a jeering from Warriors fans.

J.R. SMITH: we like it. I’d rather them do that than not acknowledge me during all. So we conclude it.

GOLDMAN: The array now heads to Cleveland for dual games where J.R. Smith knows a entertaining will be genuine. And a Cavs wish it’s consistent as they try to delayed down a now surging Warriors. Tom Goldman, NPR News, Oakland.


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