Golden State Warriors starting lineup vs. Los Angeles Lakers

The Golden State Warriors don’t typically need to caring about preseason games. To be honest, they don’t unequivocally need to caring about unchanging deteriorate games either. They are a two-time fortifying NBA champions. They’ll sleepwalk into a postseason. An muster diversion customarily binds no genuine lean over their imagination. But tonight’s diversion is a special exception.

The Warriors are personification opposite a Los Angeles Lakers. What that unequivocally means is that a Warriors are personification opposite LeBron James, their four-time NBA Finals nemesis, for a initial time in his new uniform. The diversion doesn’t count, and nobody will have any clarity of what a Lakers will demeanour like for genuine until they’ve played a integrate of unchanging deteriorate games together, though it is still accurately a arrange of thing that can get a maestro group like a Warriors to perk up. You don’t take nights off opposite James.

Except for, well, a few veterans who will. The Warriors are not during full strength tonight. They have motionless to rest some of their best players. Here are a starters they did confirm to go with.

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