Golden State Warriors replacing stolen unicycle of Red Panda Acrobat

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The Golden State Warriors are perplexing to repair one of a many renouned halftime acts in a NBA and college basketball.

On Friday, a authorization announced that it would reinstate a stolen unicycle of Red Panda Acrobat, a viral halftime uncover combined by Rong Niu.

Last month, a customized, $25,000 unicycle Niu had used for scarcely 30 years was stolen from a San Francisco airport, per Local authorities expelled photos of a male who seemed to travel divided with a luggage carrying Niu’s 7-foot bike. Her agent, Pat Figley, offering a $2,000 prerogative for a return.

Warriors boss Rick Welts announced Friday, however, that his group would reinstate a bike.

“The Red Panda is mythological and positively desired and precious by everyone, generally a fans and deteriorate tickets holders. She’s been a tack during Warriors games for many years and we need for that to continue in a future. What improved approach to put her in position to attain than with a new, tradition done unicycle?  We demeanour brazen to her subsequent coming during Oracle Arena and are blissful that we could do a tiny partial to assistance this good tradition continue.” -Warriors President COO Rick Welts in response to news of Red Panda’s blank unicycle

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“It’s implausible that they’re doing that,” Figley told “Their munificence is amazing. It only blew me away. And it carried her spirits.”

Niu has been regulating a backup unicycle, though she’s not totally gentle with it given it’s not one she had used in performances until her customized bike was stolen.

Figley pronounced Niu is still anticipating someone will lapse her strange unicycle, though that she’s vehement to get a new bike from a Warriors. The routine will take time, given few companies make a unicycles she uses.

“It’s like a custom-made suit,” Figley said. “Not off rack.”

In a show, Niu steers her unicycle with one feet while tossing bowls with a other feet and stacking them on her head. She’s widely famous as one of a many noted halftime acts during NBA and college basketball games. She participated in “America’s Got Talent” in 2013 though withdrew from a uncover to understanding with her father’s illness.

She has been featured on Marshawn Lynch‘s Facebook existence show, and athletes infrequently leave a locker room to locate her act. Cleveland Cavaliers owners Dan Gilbert was murderous when he schooled Niu’s unicycle had been stolen.

With a backup, Niu has not been means to perform her prevalent magic. At Tuesday night’s North Carolina-Clemson game, she forsaken several bowls and seemed out of sync. She is scheduled to perform Friday during a Yale-Princeton game.

In 2015, Niu told she has used her qualification given she was 7 years aged and attended a Chinese propagandize for acrobats. She still practices each day, and she’s unwavering of her popularity.

During one halftime impulse she would rather forget, she fell while behaving during a Cavaliers game. Her pedals had been shop-worn during a airport, and she wasn’t wakeful until she attempted to scheme a bike.

Her durability memory from that night? Wondering either she had unhappy LeBron James, who indeed missed a opening while he was in a locker room with his group during halftime.

“It’s still upsetting,” Niu pronounced then. “LeBron was there. we was so upset.”

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