Golden State Warriors newbie Jordan Bell gets call from Draymond Green

 OAKLAND, Calif. — Jordan Bell knows he will many positively get an earful from Draymond Green come training stay as a Golden State Warriors rookie.

Green came looking for him on breeze night with a FaceTime try after appropriation his new teammate’s digits from ubiquitous manager Bob Myers. But Bell – out with friends celebrating – didn’t answer since a series was unfamiliar.

Bell motionless he would content behind instead.

“I was like, `Who is this?”‘ Bell removed Friday, when he was rigourously introduced and given his new No. 2 Golden State jersey during group headquarters.

“He didn’t respond so we called a series and said, `Who is this?’ Then he was like, `Yo, we FaceTimed you, hang adult right now and FaceTime me right back, don’t call me,”‘ Bell said. “I FaceTimed him and he didn’t answer. we was like, all right. we waited like 5 seconds and we called him behind FaceTime and he answered … and we started articulate about it. He was like, ‘Enjoy this night, celebrate, it usually happens once, though after this time we have to get behind to work, we’re perplexing to get rings over here.”‘

The NBA champions began a night Thursday though a breeze collect though acquired Bell in a trade with a Bulls. The 6-foot-9 brazen and Pac-12 Defensive Player of a Year out of Oregon was a 38th altogether preference by Chicago.

Bell had been dissapoint he forsaken so distant in a draft, afterwards all altered once a Warriors done a pierce for him. Green was drafted 35th altogether out of Michigan State in 2012 and still has a chip on his shoulder about it. In fact, he can name each group in sequence and a preference above him that breeze year.

“Draymond will be a fun plea for you,” Myers said. “Draymond texted me as we was pushing home and he said, `What the’ and afterwards clamour `is your problem’ to me? So we can fill in a blank. Then he said, `I have to hear about this’ clamour `on a internet, we didn’t’ clamour `tell me about it.’ So we couldn’t content and expostulate so we called him and we said, `OK, all right, ease down.”‘

Green demanded he be means to speak to Bell, so Myers thankful with a new rookie’s hit info.

Green’s teammates are accustomed to his intensity. He even yells during them from time to time.

“He’s like a group mom in a way,” joked Myers. “He’s a one that we have to kind of get by him.”

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