Golden State Warriors Join 4 Other Teams in Postseason Record Books

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The Golden State Warriors took a 2-0 lead in a Western Conference Finals interjection to a winning 136-100 attainment over a San Antonio Spurs on Tuesday evening.

In doing so, a organisation also assimilated a ranks of usually 4 other clubs in NBA story to start a postseason with a record of 10-0 or better, per ESPN Stats Info. The Los Angeles Lakers started a postseason 11-0 in both 1989 and 2001, while a 2012 San Antonio Spurs and a 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers began a playoffs with a 10-0 mark. Of a 4 teams to formerly accomplish a feat, dual of them went on to win a NBA championship (’01 Lakers, ’16 Cavs).

Not usually did a attainment make history, though a approach in that they won did also. The organisation reason a 72-44 halftime lead over a Spurs, a franchise’s largest lead during a mangle during a playoff diversion in a 71-season history, per a Elias Sports Bureau (via

Golden State also became usually a second organisation in a final 22 years to measure during slightest 30 points in any entertain of a playoff game. The Los Angeles Clippers did a same in 2014, with a Warriors on a receiving finish of a walloping 138-98 defeat.

The Cleveland Cavaliers reason an 8-0 record to start a 2017 playoffs, possessing the chance to join that organisation and make story as a initial organisation to ever start 10-0 in uninterrupted postseasons. The dual clubs have dominated their particular conferences in a past integrate seasons and could face any other for a third uninterrupted NBA Finals.

Each of a dual teams owns one NBA pretension in a dual prior matchups. Golden State won a array in 2015, while Cleveland took home a championship final year. With some reinforcements on any bar in a form of Kevin Durant on Golden State and Kyle Korver on Cleveland, a teams could lapse to a Finals for a third true time in a huge rematch between dual star-filled rosters.

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