Golden State Warriors’ home fall opposite Memphis Grizzlies was must-see TV: DMan’s World

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Well, well, well. What do we have here?

Just when NBA fans in a East and Midwest suspicion it competence be time to click off a radio and retire for a night, a Golden State Warriors grabbed a courtesy and refused to let go.

The Warriors — a incredible, amazing, marvellous Warriors — melted during their place, Oracle Arena, and mislaid to a Memphis Grizzles, 128-119, in overtime Friday.

ESPN finished it probable for a inhabitant viewership to enjoy.

The Grizzlies, who softened to 2-0 opposite Golden State this season, trailed, 90-66,  with 4:52 remaining in a third quarter. The 24-point necessity is a largest overcome in an NBA diversion this season.

The Grizzlies outscored a Warriors, 32-13, in a fourth entertain and 17-8 in overtime. That’s a total 49-21 if you’re scoring during home.

Warriors brazen Draymond “Illegal Screen” Green, quoted in a Tweet from Bay Area News Group columnist Marcus Thompson, said: “I’m indeed happy we mislaid … there are some things we need to get softened during to win a championship.”

Uh, OK, Dray. Whatever creates we feel better.

The Warriors fell notwithstanding 40 points from Stephen Curry, who shot 15-of-27 from a field.

Here are some observations after carrying watched:

1. The Grizzlies, when comparatively healthy, are to be taken severely — even when they enter carrying mislaid dual in a row, including during a Lakers. They softened to 23-16 overall.

Did we discuss that #GrindCity is 2-0 opposite a Warriors? On Dec. 10 in Memphis, a measure was 110-89.

The Grizzlies have proven talent. They can win in some-more than one way. They play tough and physical. And they reside in a Western Conference, that competence be some-more of a problem for Golden State than name Golden State lovers anticipated.

The Grizzlies merit credit for their (sizable) purpose in a epic quip Friday. It wasn’t all a self-inflicted bubbling raise served by a home team.

2. The Warriors are great. The better was only their sixth of a season; they are not 31-6 by accident.

3. Because a Warriors are great, when they lose, it’s news. And when they remove like this, it’s even bigger news. It’s entertainment.

4. The Warriors’ audacity came behind to punch them again.

Cavaliers fans know all about this one.

It happened in NBA Finals 2016, once a Warriors grabbed a 3-1 lead. They suspicion a Finals were over, that back-to-back titles were a small 48 mins away. They were so full of themselves, they verbally poked a King as if he were Anthony Bennett.

Don’t poke a King.

LeBron James, with Kyrie Irving roving shotgun, went epic on a Warriors and a Cavs prevailed in seven. Games 5 and 7 were during Oracle.

In box we had not heard: No group ever had blown a 3-1 lead in a Finals.

The Warriors’ subsequent assembly with a Cavs was on Christmas Day 2016, in Cleveland. They led, 94-80, with 9:34 left in a fourth. Timeout, Cavs.

Regardless of what a Warriors pronounced afterward, they suspicion a diversion was over. Except it wasn’t. The Warriors switched to autopilot, a Cavs kept coming, and a Cavs rallied to win, 109-108.

On Friday, a Warriors built a 90-66 pillow and figured it was permit to jester a Grizzlies. They wanted to uncover off instead of finish a job. As a result, they were messy with a round and incongruous in a halfcourt, thereby paving a Grizzlies’ trail to a comeback.

Warriors fans can explain a trouble was a outcome of actor fatigue. Warriors players and coaches can explain it was zero though bad execution. All of them would be wrong. This was arrogance. This was one group meditative it could have fun during a responsibility of a other, all a while forgetful that a other has talent and pride.

5. The best possibility to kick a Warriors is to be physical. (Easier pronounced than done, of course.)

The Warriors, led by pseudo-tough-guy Green, like to consider they are physical, though they are not — during slightest not legally. They don’t like it when we illegal-screen them like they illegal-screen you. They don’t like it when we strike their shooters like they strike your shooters.

The Cavs rallied in a 2016 Finals by adhering to a formula.

On Friday, a Warriors dominated when a diversion was free-flowing. Whenever a Grizzlies committed to gunking adult a works, a Warriors became frustrated. Some of a Warriors’ trouble in a fourth entertain and OT indeed was forced by Memphis.

6. Who takes a shot for a Warriors during winning time during a playoffs could turn a source of controversy. Could.

With reduction than 40 seconds remaining opposite a Grizzlies, a Warriors hexed a round and led, 111-109. Curry, who had been sizzling, and Kevin Durant, who had not been, stood nearby any other topside. Curry gave a round to Durant, a Warriors eventually spaced a floor, and Durant front-rimmed a 3-point attempt. The Grizzlies scored on a indirect possession.

Some in a Twitterverse saw Curry consent to Durant, rather than frankly participate. Those observers were certain that Curry wanted Durant to transparent out for him, not a other approach around. Hmmm.

At a really least, it was an engaging few seconds. As @Isley23 Tweeted: “Wonder if what happened between Steph and KD during finish of law becomes a story. If it was LeBron/Kyrie, it would lead each ESPN show.”

Truer difference have not been Tweeted.

7. Part of me wants Cavs manager Tyronn Lue to rest his Big 3 when a Cavs revisit Oracle on Jan. 16.

Just to have a small fun with a Warriors. Nothing more.

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