Gold-Blooded Dagger Awards: Most Disrespectful Shots Of The Splash Bros-era

Welcome to a third, and final installment of a Gold-Blooded Dagger Awards. The polls are already distracted for a other dual pieces in this collection: “The Shots That Ran LeBron James Out Of Cleveland”, and “Buzzer Beaters”.

Now, we transport into a “Most Disrespectful” category. There were thousands to select from, so we had to follow my tummy in curating that shots truly flustered a Golden Empire’s rivals.

Make certain we opinion after you’ve perused, and don’t demur to let us know if we can remember another shot estimable of being enclosed in this stately arrangement of conceited shot-making. Enjoy, Dub Nation!

Game 6 Klay: The Younger Splash Brother’s Ascension in OKC, Apr 23rd, 2015

“I watch highlights sometimes, usually to see what we did right,” Thompson said. “You know, we was in a good rhythm. we always consider behind on it given a playoffs are so many fun.”


This is a diversion that pennyless new belligerent in a uncharted domain of my heart’s adore for a Golden State Warriors.

In May of 2016, my then-girlfriend, now-fiancee, was being introduced to my afterwards immoderate adore for a hometown team. Although from a Bay, she had usually famous a Warriors as a group with a uncanny muscly superhero with a lightning shaft as a mascot. How fitting, that she was with me nervously watching, as a Oklahoma City Thunder, a group whose birth spelled a genocide of a dear former mascot of a same name, flog a donkey in a Western Conference Finals.

The Thunder hold a punishing 3-1 lead over a fortifying champion Dubs, holding a immature rulers by their throats over a unfounded array of elimination. The two-headed beast of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook led a host of athletic, blowing purpose players. Their manager looked like an immorality designer from a Die Hard movie. Their seething throng was envy ill for another Finals trip; distracted for their group in a support that burnt into a confused fever.

She incited to me during one indicate as a Warriors started losing a wire during Game 6 of a WCF, and asked me, “Why do we consider a Warriors are losing like this? We’re a good team, right?”.

“The best”, we sensitively muttered. “Um, they are bigger than us, and faster. They’re all a kids we would collect if we were usually selecting guys on a playground…but if we strike a shots we’ll be fine.”

“Hitting a shots” was branch out to be utterly a daunting tender as a Thunders hyper-athletes smothered all inside a paint that game, as they had a whole series. But we beheld there was one Warrior who seemed surprisingly unruffled by anything going. His name was Klay Thompson, a many dangerous sniper in a NBA not named Stephen Curry.

He was sensitively chiseling divided during a hulk retard of marble. sculpting a diversion into his biggest postseason work-of-art. Every time a Thunder would seem to throttle a Warriors out, Thompson would soon broach a neccessary bucket to keep a Dubs alive. But it wasn’t until his tenth three-pointer pennyless a NBA record for many threes in a postseason that we began to comprehend usually how historically prohibited he was.

And that shot brought us to within 4 with usually underneath 5 mins to play. That’s how moving a night was; how essential Thompson’s opening was.

The shot itself was a homogeneous to a Jean-Claude Van Damme roundhouse kick. From hereafter in this piece, we will be referring to Klay by his initial name.

His mom call him Klay; I’mma call him Klay.

KLAY held a pass like, during a OKC logo. He flicked a peek to his right side, estimate how unpleasant it was for his defender, Westbrook. to not be guarding closer. Even yet Klay had already drilled 9 threes during that indicate (the record), Westbrook didn’t consider Klay would indeed make a shot from thaaat distant away. Maybe even given Klay was awkwardly stanced, his left leg jutted out for a intensity drive.

As usual, Westbrook had no thought what he was about to happen. Who a ruin shoots from that position, anyway?


Klay would finish with 41 points, an NBA postseason record 11 threes, and many importantly, a win as a Warriors survived, 108-101. The champs would go on to Oakland and finish a pursuit in 7, winning their second uninterrupted Western Conference crown. The Thunder would never be applicable to a pretension stage again (lmao), as Kevin Durant matriculated to a Bay and assimilated a Golden Empire.

Klaw 360: Unanimous Gets Jiggy on a Spurs’ Best Player, Jan 25th, 2016

Curry and other ball-handlers can make defenders demeanour stupid when they have a ball, though it’s singular to see a actor shake a defender but a turn simply given a hazard of that actor removing a turn is so dangerous.

If a best defender on a best defensive group in a NBA can’t solve a Curry riddle, a rest of a NBA competence be doomed.

— Scott Davis, Business Insider

For many moons, a Spurs kept a cold, iron hold on Golden State’s throat. Even after a Warriors achieved champion standing in new years, San Antonio loomed as a black shade that would peck out a Golden Empire before it truly reached a potential. The battle-tested Spurs punished a immature Dubs for each singular mistake, each time. Any idle passes, bad shots, or miss of dispatch by a Warriors immediately fueled back-breaking Spurs runs.

The studious Warriors continued to adjust and grow underneath a oppressive lessons they perceived from their seasoned rivals. Greatest indicate ensure alive Stephen Curry led a charge, display no fear of a moment, unleashing prominence tilt plays directly in a face of a Spurs vaunted defensive strategies. Even decrepit Spurs manager and basketball guru Gregg Popovich called it “beautiful”.

The biggest singular pitch of a changing of a ensure occurred during a quarrelsome unchanging deteriorate conflict between a rivals in front of Dub Nation in Oracle. In one play, Curry reminded a universe that even a Spurs could get broke by a Curry Flurry.

In a second quarter, with a Warriors heading 55-38, Curry messy ex-Spur and former Defensive Player of a Year, Kawhi “The Irritated Whisper” Leonard on a three-point bucket. Curry exhibited a footwork of soccer actor and a trickeration of a 13 year aged being chased by his li’l cousins in a diversion of tab in a front yard.

I was dumbfounded that Leonard, a incomparable player, was well-spoken and flexible adequate to scarcely counterpart Curry’s absurd movements, each partial solely a pointless impulse where Curry pump-faked a intensity bomb. That window was all Curry need to unleash a definitely infamous sequence of direction, step-back dagger in Leonard’s arise that electrified a Oakland crowd.

The Warriors would win a diversion 120-90, shedding light on their enterprise to assimilate a still-beating heart of a aging San Antonio Spurs dynasty. Curry’s adventurous three-pointer was hella gold-blooded.

The Thrills Have Eyes: Curry Stares Down Ibaka, May 26th, 2016

There are so many daggers a Warriors have strike on a Thunder, it’s tough for particular ones to mount out. Still, anytime Curry turns to a defensive dilettante and browns him with a prohibited glisten WHILE A THREE-POINTER HANGS IN THE AIR, it’s got to make a “Most Disrespectful” list.

The fact that it came in an rejecting diversion while a Warriors trailed 3-1, shows we a turn of certainty Curry carries.

Come get some Serge!

High-Five: Steph Weaponizes Joy During Preseason, Oct 5th, 2015


During a pre-season competition following a Warriors 2015 championship, a Warriors were feeling rather ornery. The NBA was cranking adult a initial generation of “The Warriors got lucky” hate, and Curry was furiously gearing up for his biggest deteriorate to date.

This shave of Curry rising a three-point explosve and literally high-fiving a silly Andre Iguodala before it goes in, let a universe know that there would be no championship hangover entering a 2015-2016 unchanging season.

Is this a positively intersection of autarchic certainty + shining timing + group camraderie + sharpened skill?

The Warriors would win a pre-season skirmish, 95-87. They also lifted a bar on “humiliating untimely opponents”.

I’m Back: Curry Rips a Blazers Soul Out, May 26th, 2016

“You knew he’d locate his stroke eventually,” Klay Thompson said. “He’s substantially a best actor in a world, a best shooter of all time. He was removing good looks. We’ll take those all day.” —ESPN

The champs were sticking to a 2-1 array lead in a Western Conference Semifinals to a diversion Portland Trailblazers crew. It was Curry’s initial diversion given a frightful MCL damage progressing in a initial round. In a rarely contested, back-and-forth conflict between dual high powered offenses, Curry came off of a dais and showed decay early on.

In a clutch, however, he showed because he was Unanimous MVP, carrying a Warriors to a crucial 132-125 victory. Curry erupted for an NBA record 17 points in overtime; a biggest 3 of those points came in this hopeful for MGBS.

This triple from “Unanimous” effectively killed Portland’s dreams, and he distinguished by emphatically stomping around a Rose Garden, dogmatic he was back. Curry would finish with 40 points. This romantic detriment for Portland started a strain of 10 true postseason defeats for a Blazers, who seem to have never recovered from this gold-blooded trey.

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