Gerald Madkins leaves Clippers to join a New York Knicks’ front office

Gerald Madkins, who spent a final 5 seasons operative as an executive in a Clippers’ front office, has taken a pursuit with a New York Knicks to turn a team’s partner ubiquitous manager, pronounced NBA officials who were not certified to pronounce publicly on a matter.

Madkins joins newly promoted President Steven Mills and just-hired General Manager Scott Perry to form a top-notch joining front bureau with a Knicks, creation them a many distinguished African American contingent in a NBA.

Madkins and Perry have a history, a dual of them carrying worked in a front bureau with a Seattle SuperSonics. Madkins was a executive of West Coast scouting.

With his agreement carrying lapsed with a Clippers in June, Madkins was sought by several teams, including a Knicks, Milwaukee Bucks and Sacramento Kings.

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