French Open 2017: Andy Murray vows to learn from US Open 2016 detriment to Kei Nishikori

World No 1 Andy Murray will lift a doctrine of final year’s US Open quarter-final improved to Kei Nishikori into Wednesday’s French Open final 8 strife opposite a Japanese.

The 28-year-old was sloping to sign a US Open pretension in 2016 after winning a Wimbledon and an Olympic Gold award though Nishikori dumbfounded a Briton in an heated five-set match.

Andy Murray smashes his pole in disappointment during a US Open compare opposite Kei Nishikori. AFP

Murray during a US Open compare opposite Kei Nishikori. AFP

While Nishikori has no correlation about a victory, Murray had no problems remembering a match.

“Obviously we played during a US Open and that was 5 sets, a compare that got divided from me a small bit, so we need to learn a bit from that,” Murray told Eurosport.

“There’s a good possibility it’s a prolonged one. He earnings good and he’s really plain off both wings. He’s always a tough man to play against. I’m happy with where my game’s at. Everything is going flattering good only now. I’m feeling good going into a center partial of a second week.”

Former Wimbledon champion Goran Ivanisevic has corroborated a Briton to kick Nishikori.

“He played really good (against Karen Khachanov) and he’s personification improved and better. Now a lot of things are possible. Andy knows what he has to do,” Ivanisevic said.

“I don’t see Nishikori violence Andy. Nishikori doesn’t have a mental side. He’s going to crack, Andy is too good.”

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