Four takeaways from Alabama pretension diversion win: The Tua Effect and intriguing final play


What a game.

What a stirring finale to a deteriorate full of twists and turns.

Alabama’s 26-23 feat over Georgia in a College Football Playoff inhabitant championship diversion was a scintillating spectacle.

It was full with heart-stopping movement and fascinating storylines.

There was a manager who tied a legend. There was a quarterback who came off a dais to launch a jaw-dropping comeback. There were bit players who grabbed a spotlight.

There was so many play it was formidable to routine all that unfolded Monday night. But did so by examining some of a many engaging developments in this book of “Four Takeaways.”

1. Inside a final play that won a title

The final impulse in Alabama’s championship deteriorate was fascinating on churned levels, nonetheless many of all since it had a hold of irony.

The play Alabama ran — “Seattle” — featured a judgment that prolonged ago helped enthuse a coverage schemes that became a tack of Nick Saban’ invulnerability as good as a one Georgia runs underneath his protege, Kirby Smart.

The Pittsburgh Steelers, prolonged ago, used 4 verticals to kick Saban’s Cover 3 when he was a defensive coordinator with a Cleveland Browns — forcing him to arise a pattern-matching complement that churned section and male beliefs to quarrel it. 

Years later, Saban and his descent coordinator, Brian Daboll, incited a tables and dialed adult a play with that same Steelers horizon — regulating it to put a finishing touches on a inhabitant championship. It called for a 4 receivers to line adult in a three-by-one demeanour out of “11” crew and go downfield.  

Alabama used “Seattle” in a two-minute cavalcade in a days before a game, with Tua Tagovailoa during a helm. Tagovailoa finished passes to other receivers in a set nonetheless never DeVonta Smith, Daboll revealed.

“He has a feel for that play, good vision,” Daboll pronounced of Tagovailoa.

Tagovailoa used his eyes to pull a safety, Dominick Sanders, toward his parsimonious finish Irv Smith Jr., who was already being tracked by dual linebackers.

Meanwhile, Smith was means to advantage a giveaway redeem by substantiating inside precedence opposite cornerback Malkom Parrish.

Smith’s intrigue was days in a making, too. Mike Locksley, his position coach, told him that Georgia’s safeties, in a Cover 2 look, would lie and play — withdrawal no time to redeem if they done a wrong decision. The pivotal for Smith was to not usually run off a round nonetheless also recover breadth on his lane and reset his march ever so somewhat behind toward a sideline, so Sanders would have to transport a larger widen to locate him.

But Sanders never did make adult a belligerent and Smith ran underneath a pass from Tagovailoa nearby a idea line, scoring a touchdown that won a pretension for Alabama.

“The reserve didn’t come off a hashes,” Texas AM manager Jimbo Fisher pronounced after a game. “[Sanders] review a parsimonious finish down a core and a reserve stayed on a hash, and a dilemma let him go and [Tagovailoa] was means to get a round in…It was a good read.”

All in all it was ideal execution from a pattern of a play to a approach it was used and carried out by a players concerned in a pressure-packed moment. In short, it was a sum group effort.

2. Why Saban’s success factored into his game-changing QB decision

Nick Saban’s preference to dais Jalen Hurts and insert Tua Tagovailoa will go down as one of a best decisions a manager has ever done in a championship game.

It revitalized Alabama’s offense and altered a mettle of a diversion Georgia was on a approach to winning.

But it was also impossibly risky. Had Tagovailoa unsuccessful to make an impact and Alabama mislaid Monday, a quarterback debate would have dominated a off-season review and questions about a destiny of both players would be asked.

A manager that didn’t have a status Saban has would have had a tough time pulling off a identical pierce and withstanding a indirect assault of critique if it backfired or simply didn’t work out as intended.

Saban knew he had some-more latitude. He had already deflected a minimal blowback he perceived from a extraordinary preference to dump descent coordinator Lane Kiffin and implement Steve Sarkisian before a 2017 inhabitant championship diversion Alabama mislaid to Clemson. 

In retrospect, players even certified a astonishing switch combined a distraction.

“That was a large change in such brief time and brief notice, so low into a year,” former outward linebacker Tim Williams said.

Saban was given a advantage of a doubt, even nonetheless a outcome didn’t go his way.

So, he was already keenly wakeful his lane record could invulnerability him from any disastrous fallout. This is nonetheless another instance of Saban maximizing a advantages he has combined for himself by dint of his possess success. Over a years, he has pushed to enhance a support staff that is already among a many endless in a country. He has also tapped into a flourishing coffers during Alabama by reinvesting in a module and gripping a Tide on a slicing edge.

On Monday, he had a bona fides to make a gutsy pierce that landed him a sixth inhabitant championship. The fact that Saban had won 5 other titles gave him a wherewithal to hurl a bones and do what was best for Alabama.

3. Examining a Tua outcome on offense

In a realization of victory, Brian Daboll still wore a poker face.

He wasn’t going to mangle down how a offense remade after Jalen Hurts was private from a diversion and Tua Tagovailoa was summoned as his replacement.

“Both those guys are good players,” he said. 

Daboll, of course, didn’t need to explain how dramatically opposite Alabama looked with Tagovailoa during a helm.

Everyone could see it. Hurts finished 3 passes — nothing of that trafficked some-more than 5 yards over a line of scrimmage. On 3 occasions, a sophomore quarterback bailed from a pocket, maneuvered to his right and threw a round divided — a approach outcome of Hurts tying his options by holding divided an whole side of a domain with his rollouts. In another instance, he overthrew Ridley on what should have been an easy touchdown pass. Later, he couldn’t equivocate a vigour before tossing an incompletion to Ridley on a quip once a receiver stopped his route.

After compiling usually 21 flitting yards and misfiring on 5 of his 8 attempts, Hurts was lifted. In came Tagovailoa and a asleep offense sprung to life.

Tagovailoa, handling especially with “11” crew and some dull sets, began joining with receivers who were in suit — attack them in walk and throwing them open. 

By delivering one finish pass after another, Tagovailoa authorised Alabama to run hurry-up and keep Georgia’s invulnerability on a heels. He also achieved that by expanding a measure of a flitting diversion and aggressive all regions of a fields. On his second attempt, he launched a explosve over a core to Ridley off a play-action maneuver. It fell incomplete, nonetheless it showed a Bulldogs that Alabama could widen a domain between a seams.

That also malleable Georgia’s invulnerability on a edges, creation Daboll’s shallow, plane plays some-more effective. Sure enough, dual passes after he went low to Ridley, Tagovailoa dumped a round off to Henry Ruggs III in a prosaic for a nine-yard gain.

As Tagovailoa led a quip effort, he also remained committed to staying in a pocket, stepping adult within it to make throws like a 20-yard execution he delivered to Jerry Jeudy on a drag lane in a fourth entertain during a game-tying touchdown drive.

In essence, Tagovailoa did a improved pursuit than Hurts of regulating all a levers within a offense and maximizing a options during his disposal.

“I consider Tua positively gave us a spark,” Saban said.

And as a outcome a offense revved up. 


 4. How ‘rat poison’ games led Alabama freshmen to core stage.

The story after a diversion was a arise of Alabama’s beginner class.

Tua Tagovailoa lighted Alabama’s comeback. Najee Harris combined a new dimension to a using game. Alex Leatherwood stood clever during left tackle in service of a harmed Jonah Williams. Receiver Henry Ruggs III kept a offense humming by throwing passes in a slot. DeVonta Smith delivered a game-winning touchdown reception.

On Monday night, it was a Crimson Tide’s slightest gifted players who done a biggest impact. 

Their opening in a pressure-packed pretension quarrel motionless by 3 points can be traced behind to a bearing they perceived in 3 of a many unilateral wins of a deteriorate — victories over Vanderbilt, Ole Miss and Tennessee.

At a time, those games didn’t seem all that poignant in a grand intrigue of things. Nick Saban would have argued they might have had a disastrous outcome by formulating their share of impractical expectations or “rat poison” as he calls a hype.

But in those routs, that were motionless by an normal domain of 53.3 points, a seeds for what happened Monday were sown. Tagovailoa, for instance, played 104 snaps in that blowout trilogy; Smith 87.

“I consider credentials heading adult to this indicate has been a pivotal thing,” Tagovailoa said.

Having a possibility to play opposite SEC foe also was a vital factor.

It’s nonetheless another reason because what unfolds in Sep and Oct can change a outcome of a deteriorate in January.

Rainer Sabin is an Alabama kick author for a Alabama Media Group. Follow him on Twitter @RainerSabin 

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