Four-Ball: How competence DJ transport in initial start given Masters injury?

As Dustin Johnson earnings this week during a Wells Fargo Championship, will his initial start given blank a Masters with a behind damage bushel him going forward?

And with Cameron Smith‘s and Jonas Blixt‘s feat during a Zurich Classic, what’s a feeling about a new group format?

Our row looks during those storylines, as good as what present Ian Poulter should get for Brian Gay and more, in this week’s book of Monday Four-Ball.

1. Dustin Johnson will lapse from a behind damage this week. How disturbed are we about any long-term effects? comparison golf researcher Michael Collins: I’m not endangered during all. Johnson has always been intelligent about any injuries he’s faced and doesn’t strike me as a form of man to rush behind too fast if that could jeopardise his long-term health. we design this week during a Wells Fargo Championship, DJ will not usually be 100 percent healthy, yet that he will also be in row come Sunday. comparison golf author Bob Harig: From all indications, all with his behind is fine. It’s now some-more a matter of removing behind into a rival mode that saw him win his past 3 starts before to carrying to repel from a Masters. This week outlines a month given he final played, so it competence take a small time. comparison golf editor Kevin Maguire: Not in a least. It will be 4 full weeks divided before a universe No. 1 gets behind on a march this week during a Wells Fargo Championship. And if he was so tighten to personification during a Masters that he indeed done it to a initial tee … I’m not worried, not even a small bit. comparison golf author Jason Sobel: Maybe it’s given DJ so fast shrugged off any thought that this would be a slow injury. Maybe it’s given he appears so liquid and athletic. But I’ve listened substantially no regard about this damage relocating forward. He’s positively not during Tiger Woods-level behind injury, yet can this be a Jason Day-type slow problem? Let’s wish not for his sake, yet it’s not wrong to be concerned.

2. What were your many favorite/least favorite tools of a Zurich Classic’s new group format?

Collins: we desired how into this contest all a players have become. In articulate to some of a players and their teams, we found out that some golfers who were not in a eventuality were job players seeking to be partial of subsequent year’s contest if their partner motionless to switch out or not play in 2018. we hatred that Mother Nature seems to have a fight opposite this tournament, again apropos a partial of a story in 2017.

Harig: There is small to dislike. If we had to quibble, a margin of 160 is substantially too many (80 teams) and they would be improved served slicing that down to 75 teams to make things a bit some-more manageable. But a greeting of a players has been fantastic, and it is transparent they suffer a change of pace.

Maguire: My favorite tools were a furious swings on a four-ball days (Friday/Sunday.) It felt some-more like a bar championship than a PGA Tour eventuality (albeit many bar championships don’t have guys sharpened 60 in a final turn like Kevin Kisner and Scott Brown did). The slightest favorite? I’m subterfuge here, given altogether it felt like a resounding success, yet while a star energy looked good going in, with 7 of a tip 11 in a universe rankings in a field, it didn’t feel that approach on Sunday.

Sobel: Favorite: we adore a group concept. When Kevin Kisner holes out a chip on a final hole of regulation, it’s fun to see him not usually high-five his caddie yet his teammate and teammate’s caddie, too. Least favorite: Let’s brew adult a format a small more. You wish to see some low scores? Give me debate pros in a hasten format for one of a days.

3. What did we consider of a PGA Tour arising a initial slow-play chastisement in some-more than dual decades?

Collins: we consider it was unjustified. The dual players who were assessed a chastisement were not a loyal clarification of a “team.” Why? Because they were thrown together and didn’t select any other. They were a initial and second alternates who got in because, when Kevin Chappell won in Houston, he was already exempt. That non-stop a mark for a two-man team, yet given a time had already upheld for players to announce entry, Miguel Angel Carballo and Brian Campbell were forced to play as a team.

Harig: It’s about time. Sure, this was an peculiar box and competence not have happened in unchanging stroke-play given a players concerned got nailed given they were deliberate one in a group event. Still, it’s a good wake-up call, and advancing players strokes hits hard. Do it some-more often, and players will speed up.

Maguire: Let’s wish it’s a initial of many. There’s no necessity of slow-play offenders, so it won’t be tough to find a subsequent case. The genuine test, though, will be if a PGA Tour keeps putting a produce down. That will make players start to take notice given it will strike them where it hurts a many — their wallets.

Sobel: It was kind of silly. we mean, we get that a manners toward this are ostensible to be black and white, yet they need to uncover a small common clarity in these situations, too.

4. What kind of present would be appropriate for Ian Poulter to get for Brian Gay, given Gay fundamentally got Poulter his PGA Tour label for a rest of a year?

Collins: Poulter should let Gay steal one of his Ferrari competition cars for a week, when Brian is off, of course. But it would also be a good thought to send a thank-you note and chuck a good present label to a good grill inside. we gamble BG would also get a flog out of it if Poulter had available a call he got from Andy Pazder vouchsafing him know a debate had messed adult and he was now a entirely free player.

Harig: There are lots of possibilities here, including an costly dinner, bottles of wine, etc. But I’ll go with something that creates a ton of sense: some of Poulter’s time on his NetJets aeroplane deal. Surely there is a outing that Gay would adore to take but a con of blurb atmosphere travel. And given how large of a understanding this could be for Poulter, it would seem some-more than value it.

Maguire: How about one of Poulter’s imagination sports cars? Maybe one he hasn’t driven in a while that has depressed out of preference with a Englishman? Seriously, though, I’d think Poulter will do something good for Gay, generally given it’s not a initial time Poulter has been on a certain side of someone else’s kindness when it comes to his career.

Sobel: Well, he’s got a whole garland of Ferraris. Couldn’t he only present him one with triple digits on a odometer?

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