For Tiger Woods’s eventuality in DC, this is it. And that’s a shame.

Go behind 11 years, to a sweaty Sunday during a Washington area’s many prestigious golf course, and cruise about this city’s station in that sport’s universe during a time. That day, when Tiger Woods handed K.J. Choi a china prize finished like a U.S. Capitol, Choi pronounced a following, that finished ideal sense: “It’s a illusory memory to win Tiger’s tournament. I’m really proud.”

Put yourself in that moment, and cruise a wager. Would a area’s PGA Tour stop, afterwards famous as a ATT National, turn Woods’s bequest event, one that lasts over his personification days and is a tent-pole eventuality for a sport? Or a small some-more than a decade later, would a contest be petering out yet a pretension unite on an defective course, substantially withdrawal Washington yet a unchanging debate stop?

In 2007, when Woods and his substructure saved PGA Tour golf in D.C., there weren’t contingency prolonged adequate that would have pushed me to put income on a latter option. Yet here we are, in what no one will contend is a final year of what is now a Quicken Loans National yet is a final year of a contest nonetheless.

“The destiny is uncertain,” Woods pronounced Wednesday during TPC Potomac during Avenel Farm. “That’s frustrating for all of us.”

That is a Tour’s central position this week: We don’t know what will happen. We wish to put on a best uncover we can. Tiger’s here, personification his possess eventuality for a initial time given 2015. Come on out and support a show.

But there’s no one in a golf universe who believes there will be a Washington eventuality a year from now. The 2019 report is radically done, yet it hasn’t been announced. Quicken Loans, that transposed ATT as a pretension unite 4 years ago, wanted to unite a contest in a home city of Detroit, and a debate is going where a income takes it.

“We usually haven’t gotten a sponsorship dollars,” Woods said. “This is a tough meridian right now.”

The reality, though, is that a erosion of this contest was a years-long, difficult process. It involves not usually a pretension unite yet a date on a calendar. It involves not usually Woods’s inability to play here as frequently as he would have favourite — he missed a eventuality in 2008, 2011, 2013, 2016 and 2017 — yet his personal downfall, now scarcely a decade ago.

And it’s usually too bad. It’s usually too bad.

Hosting a veteran golf eventuality is partial of a sporting town’s résumé. Yeah, it’s usually one week a year, and, no, it doesn’t matter as many as, say, an astonishing run to a Stanley Cup championship. But it can emanate memories. And it can means a new era of players to come. Furthermore, Washington is a kind of village golf needs. It rates as a wealthiest, many prepared civil area in a nation. Who plays golf? Why, wealthy, prepared people.

When Woods and his substructure combined this eventuality in a matter of months in 2007 — swooping in to take a eventuality from Colorado, where a former “International” couldn’t land a unite — it felt special. Jack has a Memorial. Arnie had Bay Hill. And Tiger would — always, it seemed afterwards — have Washington.

That initial year, when Choi shot 68 in a final turn to win on Congressional’s famed Blue course, it felt like Washington’s sports village was entrance together. President George H.W. Bush helped with a opening ceremony. Woods and his group committed to honoring a military, a tradition that is now widespread on tour. The galleries were diverse, opposite from a unchanging PGA Tour stop. That’s D.C. as a town. But that was a lift of Woods, too.

Even Wednesday morning, as Woods slogged his approach by a behind 9 of a pro-am event, fans of all colors lined a ropes, following his strides, his shots, his mannerisms, his smiles behind during them. His interest — a decade after a final of his 14 vital championship victories, 5 years given a final of his 79 PGA Tour victories — is still undeniable. Doubt that? Just check a radio ratings when he shows up.

Those people, apparently, don’t run billion-dollar corporations. When Woods wanted to keep veteran golf here behind in 2007 — rescuing it after a aged Kemper Open had morphed into a Booz Allen Classic before that sponsorship dusty — all he had to do was tell ATT to jump, and it jumped. Back during his height, Woods had Nike, American Express, Accenture, General Motors, Gatorade — any association that wanted to be compared with value and firmness by sports.

But a landscape altered with Woods’s single-car collision in Nov 2009, a night that led to revelations of his widespread infidelities and, eventually, a fall of his marriage. Though a galleries who hearten for him now have changed on — and new sponsorship deals have arisen in new years — there’s no approach to repudiate that Woods’s open annoyance impacted contest golf in Washington. Tiger was tainted, and by prolongation Tiger’s contest was tainted, and all of a remarkable hosting his contest wasn’t utterly what it used to be.

There were other issues along a way, of course. Congressional staged a U.S. Open in 2011. That’s a large ask for any membership, and it finished clarity that those during a Bethesda bar weren’t as vehement to acquire Woods’s eventuality back, yet it eventually authorized a devise to horde each other year. More significant: The mark on a PGA Tour calendar — wedged between a U.S. Open and British Open — is usually plain lousy, and that finished for muted fields, if “lackluster” can be review as among a slightest star-studded of a year.

Rick Singer, a CEO of Woods’s foundation, pronounced Wednesday that his group is still operative to find a sponsor. Through a spokesman, a PGA Tour expelled a matter Wednesday that said, “We’ll have some-more to contend about a full 2018-19 report in a few weeks when it’s announced,” and praised D.C. as an “important” market. The reality, though, is that creates fake hope. There’s no date on a calendar. It’s not entrance back.

So if you’re entrance out to TPC Potomac, get sentimental about it all. Anthony Kim, afterwards a rising star on tour, shot a 65 on Sunday to win in 2008. The following year, Woods returned from his leg damage to kick Kim in a final pairing on a final day. In 2010 and ’11 a eventuality changed to suburban Philadelphia to accommodate Congressional’s preparations for a Open, yet Woods won again in 2012 — a same year a derecho ripped by town, felling trees during Congressional and requiring a third turn to be played yet galleries.

Ah, memories. Maybe some-more will be finished this week. Woods himself could emanate them.

But a still depart is some-more expected for what once seemed like a eternally marquee event. Cast opposite that stage usually some-more than a decade ago, it’s not usually startling. It’s a shame.

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