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File print of R.C. Buford (left) and Gregg Popovich during a past Spurs media day. Photo: Bob Owen /San Antonio Express-News / ©2013 San Antonio Express-News

As a rest of a NBA binge-watches a play and awaits a gratifying resolution, a Spurs contend they are exploring all of their options.

One of those options they don’t wish to speak about.

Another one nobody does.

We all know trade Kawhi Leonard stays a possibility, and will continue to be unless and until a discontented star signs a agreement extension. As prolonged as a Spurs miss that signature, their best actor is available, either a authorization publicly acknowledges it or not.

But a Spurs also face a separate, less-discussed quandary associated to all of this, and it’s an emanate nobody in a tenure group, in a front office, or in a locker room has had to residence before. The final time it came adult was some-more than 30 years ago, prolonged before many everybody in a classification even was around.

This difficulty competence be informed to each other locality in a league, nonetheless it brings adult a doubt that in South Texas is some-more unfamiliar than subways and snowplows.


Should a Spurs even try to win subsequent year?

Bringing this adult is uncomfortable, and in these tools it competence limit on sacrilege. But if R.C. Buford, Gregg Popovich and a Spurs’ owners truly are open to each choice that sits in front of them, afterwards certainly they during slightest have contemplated a thought of a rebuild.

It is not a many appealing option, and it is distinct because a Spurs competence trust they can equivocate it even if they pierce on from Leonard. After all, with him blank radically all of final season, they still missed a No. 3 seed in a Western Conference by usually dual games.

If they secure even a medium lapse for Leonard in a trade and supplement those pieces to their core, shouldn’t they have each reason to pattern to be right there behind Golden State and Houston again?

That is one approach to demeanour during it, nonetheless there are others. For one, a opening between a West’s tip dual teams and a rest of a joining was cavernous, and no group nonetheless an elite-level star total to slight that chasm any time soon.

For another, usually as many of a players who contributed to final year’s 47-victory group can be pretty approaching to get worse with age (LaMarcus Aldridge, Pau Gasol, Patty Mills) as can be approaching to get improved (Dejounte Murray, Kyle Anderson, Derrick White).

The imperishable Manu Ginobili, as always, can be counted on to be accurately a same.

So starting over competence make sense, even nonetheless it never happens here by design. The usually time a Spurs had a losing record in a final 3 decades, they went into a deteriorate deliberation themselves contenders, and were forced to acknowledge differently usually after David Robinson suffered an damage that sidelined him for a bulk of a 1996-97 campaign.

A few months later, a ping-pong balls of a breeze lottery ensured they would not have to contemplate a thought of starting over until good into a subsequent millennium. In a meantime, franchises as unapproachable as a Lakers, Celtics and Bulls bottomed out, with varying degrees of success, nonetheless a Spurs never did.

There are those who trust it would be correct for San Antonio to do so now, and there competence be some effect to that logic. Even a modern-day superpower like a Warriors was built essentially by a draft, and a aloft we pick, a improved your chances of anticipating a right building blocks.

But there are copiousness of confirmed reasons to stay a course, too. Popovich, who is 69 and substantially will not be around to reap a rewards of a finish teardown, is one. Ginobili, who competence not have some-more than one or dual good decades left in him, is another.

Then there is a fulfilment that tanking guarantees zero nonetheless a lot of short-term misery. Philadelphia gets copiousness of accolades for committing to “The Process,” and nonetheless a Sixers’ destiny looks bright, their fans sat by 5 years of inhuman basketball and still have not been rewarded with a outing to a discussion finals. The Lakers have not transient their ennui yet. Neither have a Bulls nor a Knicks.

It’s also value remembering where a Spurs were in 2011. That summer, they were entrance off their third uninterrupted deteriorate nonetheless removing past a second turn of a playoffs, and all 3 of their stars looked good past their prime. Their window should have been closed, and if we would have asked any receptive spectator behind afterwards how a Spurs should go about winning their subsequent title, a apparent answer would have been to rebuild.

They didn’t seem to be dual years from another NBA Finals and 3 years from a championship, nonetheless they were. And they kept perplexing to win, even nonetheless they had other options.

Eventually, they will have to cruise those alternatives, usually like each other authorization does.

But maybe not utterly yet.

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