Floyd Mayweather’s final competition says Conor McGregor has a possibility of pulling a upset

Andre Berto is a former welterweight fighting champ who has fought opposite some of a biggest names in a sport. The final time Floyd Mayweather stepped in a fighting ring, he kick Berto in a unanimous decision.

Berto knows boxing, and he also knows Mayweather, so it was rather startling to hear him advise that Conor McGregor, a male with no veteran fighting matches underneath his belt, has a possibility of violence a biggest fighter of this generation. But that’s what he did during an coming on The MMA Hour:

“When you’re articulate about Conor, he’s a star. For some reason, underneath that pressure, underneath those lights, underneath that atmosphere, he knows how to arise to a occasion. It doesn’t matter what a conditions is. He’s one of those special guys who can unequivocally flower in these forms of environments. we unequivocally don’t put too most past him.

“I’ve been means to see and go by a few of his fights, and unequivocally see how he unequivocally soaks adult a atmosphere. And he gets appetite from it where a lot of people unequivocally mangle down, where a lot of people fold…

“If there’s a male in a UFC who can [beat Floyd], he’d be a one for sure.”

When asked how McGregor would go about pulling a upset, Berto echoed a view we’ve listened from many analysts: McGregor will have to get to Mayweather early before a undefeated fighter adapts to his character and counters it:

The initial few rounds are going to be really critical for him. Understand with Conor, he’s really awkward. He’s really fugitive in what he does. At a same time, I’ve been in there with Mayweather. He’s really professional. He’s going to be means to collect adult on things very, really quickly. And he’s going to be means to adjust very, very, really quickly.

But Conor, he’s not a really required boxer, man. He can find ways to find a angles to make things ungainly and radical for his opponent. But he’s going to have to work that early and make it effective early, or Floyd will collect adult on it. And it will substantially spin into a bad night for him.

We’ll find out if McGregor is able of station toe-to-toe with Mayweather on Aug 26.

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