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    All deteriorate I’ve cut a starters a small slack, yet now that a patrol is strictly one of a misfortune in a league, we feel fit robbing them of all their “expectation” points. Their grades forsaken accordingly.


    Joakim Noah

    2016-17 Per-Game Stats:

    46 G, 22.1 MIN, 5.0 PTS, 8.8 REB, 2.2 AST, 0.8 BLK

    Like Thomas, Joakim Noah was tricked by his physique this season. He began creation an impact on offense by mid-December yet had to behind off by mid-January, when any impact looked like it competence lead to a dislocated shoulder. Then it was a pulled hamstring. Then a “body” in his knee.

    He took some-more than his satisfactory share of a censure for a Knicks’ gloomy defense, that has been as awful yet him as it was with him. 

    We know a rest: Noah incited to an over-the-counter addition to assistance his physique heal, yet it enclosed a banned substanceselective androgen receptor modulator LGD-4033, and yet a National Basketball Players Association pronounced Noah did not “intentionally or knowingly” violate a NBA’s anti-drug policy, he was nonetheless dangling 20 games—which will extend into subsequent season.  

    Best Plays: Cross-up of Amir Johnson for and-1 vs. Boston Celtics on Dec. 25; baseline cut and reverse dunk vs. Los Angeles Lakers on Dec. 11; rejection of Paul Millsap vs. Atlanta Hawks on Jan. 16.

    Final Grade: Incomplete


    Kristaps Porzingis 

    2016-17 Per-Game Stats: 

    66 G, 32.8 MIN, 18.1 PTS, 45.0 FG%, 35.7 3FG%, 7.2 REB, 2.0 BLK

    Porzingis got singed by a sophomore curse. Expectations were high, injuries and illness chipped divided during his productivity, and a prominence reels were reduction sparkling (no soul-shattering putbacks this year). Was it a disaster of a deteriorate for KP, though? Certainly not.

    Despite being on a terrible defensive squad, his edge insurance progressed greatly. He’s sixth in a league in blocked shots (2.0) and second in a joining in contested shots. Then again, while he was operative a bit harder on D, he wasn’t indispensably operative smarter, and he got sloppy: KP ranks second in personal fouls per diversion (3.7), behind usually that timorous violet DeMarcus Cousins.

    His misfortune unemployment came in January, when he had a misfortune plus-minus rating and field-goal commission of a Knicks’ starting five, some-more turnovers than assists and fouled out of 4 of a 10 games he played. His plus-minus rating for a deteriorate sank from plus-0.2 to minus-1.5. 

    He didn’t make any important improvements to a weakest spots of his game, either. In fact, his effective margin idea commission in a post forsaken from 40.5 percent to 37.1, and his unassisted done margin goals dipped from to 32.7 to 25.3 percent.

    He’s not a rookie anymore. He’s partial of a categorical 3 of a NBA starting five, and he will be graded accordingly.   

    Best Plays: Fifteen-point initial quarter vs. Detroit Pistons on Mar 27; and-1 slam on Dwight Howard vs. Atlanta Hawks on Jan. 29; double-denial of Kent Bazemore vs. Atlanta Hawks on Jan. 29.

    Final Grade: C-


    Courtney Lee

    2016-17 Per-Game Stats: 

    76 G, 32.1 MIN, 10.9 PTS, 45.6 FG%, 40.2 3FG%, 3.4 REB, 2.4 AST, 1.1 STL

    Courtney Lee chases down opponents like he’ll never tire out, yet during times he got burnt by personification shooters too tighten on a perimeter, vouchsafing them blow past him into an open line where no Knicks came to help.

    Other than one winter sharpened slump, Lee was one of a Knicks’ many fit and versatile shooters, quite overwhelming defenders with his discerning mid-range catch-and-shoots off curls.

    But a Knicks didn’t take advantage of his descent skill, and he didn’t demeanour for his shot mostly enough. Generally, Lee supposing structure and upheld a D, yet not adequate to shelve adult Ws. 

    Best Plays: Steal of inbounds pass and layup vs. Orlando Magic on Dec. 22; three-pointer that pushed diversion to third overtime vs. Atlanta Hawks on Jan. 29; fast-break slam vs. Indiana Pacers on Jan. 7.

    Final Grade: C


    Derrick Rose

    2016-17 Per-Game Stats:

    64 G, 32.5 MIN, 18.0 PTS, 47.1 FG%, 21.7 3FG%, 4.4 AST, 3.8 REB

    While many expected Derrick Rose would be hobbling along a sideline all season, instead a difference “vintage Rose” were spoken by many commentators after his explosive, stop-and-start drives to a iron and acrobatic, swooping in-air adjustments for retreat layups.

    His scoring, potency and free-throw attempts all increasing each month. If not for his season-ending meniscus tear, Rose certainly would have increased his free-agent value, since he seemed hale and hearty.

    He only didn’t seem like a good fit in New York. His drives were cut off by all a large bodies Phil Jackson put in his way; his best games were when Melo played a 4 and KP a 5, giving him some-more space to operate.

    Also, Porzingis still relies mostly on others to emanate his shots for him, and Rose wasn’t as effective during delivering KP his opportunities. His invulnerability was spotty, generally in transition, yet he hold opponents 2.3 commission points beneath their normal field-goal percentages.

    Best Plays: Block to tighten out 113-111 win vs. Charlotte Hornets on Nov. 26; stop-and-start layup past Kawhi Leonard to finish half vs. San Antonio Spurs on Feb. 12; rebound, coast-to-coast Eurostep and dunk vs. Spurs on Mar 25.

    Final Grade: C


    Carmelo Anthony

    2016-17 Per-Game Stats:

    73 G, 34.5 MIN, 22.5 PTS, 43.3 FG%, 36.0 3FG%, 5.9 REB, 2.9 AST, 0.8 STL, 0.5 BLK 

    Who could have blamed Carmelo Anthony if he’d set his no-trade means on fire, melted down Jackson’s rings in a abandon and sped out of New York while fluttering pornographic gestures? Not me.

    Yet he didn’t do that. He publicly abandoned a indignity and trade talks. He played 34 mins per game, perplexing to win even this week when he left Nikola Mirotic in a dirt on a crossover and stepback before removal a 3 opposite a Chicago Bulls. He’s been one of a many unchanging Knicks via a season.

    Then again, he was a core member of a losing team. Plus a determined invulnerability and support numbers we saw from Melo final deteriorate weren’t on arrangement as often.

    Best Plays: Game-winning jumper vs. Charlotte Hornets on Nov. 25; driving layup to send diversion to overtime vs. Atlanta Hawks on Jan. 29; crossover on Nikola Mirotic vs. Chicago Bulls on Tuesday.

    Final Grade: C

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