Faster Than Phelps: Ten-Year-Old Thomas Heilman Breaks National Record


Central Virginia has some gifted swimmers.

Albemarle High School alum’s Matt Lockman and Holly Harper competed during a U.S. Olympic trials in 2016.

UVa has a series of award winners, with Leah Smith a latest to move home Olympic gold.

Now there’s a new child on a block, with a importance on “Kid.”

Ten-year-old Thomas Heilman won 6 races during a Winterfest Meet in College Park final month, including a 100-yard Fly.

“My favorite cadence is a Butterfly,” says Heilman.  “I don’t unequivocally like doing a brief races, like a 50’s.  we like carrying a small bit of time to get into a swim, so we like doing a one-hundred.”

In a competition in Maryland, a Brownsville Elementary tyro done his final spin before a rest of a margin was median by a third lap.

When he touched the wall to take initial place, Heilman was not usually faster than each swimmer in a pool that day, he was faster than any 10-year-old who competed in a 100-yard Fly…ever.

Heilman says,  “I was only perplexing to have fun.  If we got a record, we got it.  If not, it was all fine.”

‘The Record’ is a 10-and-under National Age Group Record in a 100-yard Fly.

His time of 58.36 seconds cracked a prior symbol by over one second.

Heilman says, “I was perplexing to be cool, and not get too excited, since we still have lots of work to keep doing, and keep removing better.”

“He’s faster than Michael Phelps was during 10-years-old,” says Charlottesville YMCA Aquatics Club (CYAC) conduct manager Alex Rayle.

Phelps hold a inhabitant record in 1996 with a time of 1:08.54 seconds.

Alex Rayle has been coaching Heilman for dual years, with a Crozet Gators, and with CYAC during a Brooks Family YMCA in Charlottesville.

“He’s kind of got a whole package,” says Rayle.  “He’s large and clever for somebody his age.  He is dedicated, he’s a tough worker, and he is also a good racer.  It’s kind of tough to find all 3 in somebody who is so young.”

With a stimulating resume, Heilman will eventually be flooded with college grant offers.

But during 10-years-old, he still has copiousness of time to only be a kid.

“I haven’t started meditative about that yet,” says Heilman.  “I’m only vital in a moment.”

Thomas Heilman turns 11-years-old on Feb 7th.

He is already a Number-One ranked swimmer in a state in a boys 100-yard Fly during a 1112 age group.

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