Fantasy baseball: Could Orioles’ Austin Hays or Dodgers’ Alex Verdugo be a subsequent dermatitis star?

A fun small diversion we like to play is, “Who’s a subsequent (insert name of dermatitis star from final deteriorate here)?”

Living in SoCal, we quite wish to know, “Who’s a subsequent Cody Bellinger?”

The Dodgers initial baseman came adult to a large leagues on Apr 25 final deteriorate during age 21 and never looked back, going on to strike 39 home runs and unanimously win a NL Rookie of a Year Award.

Despite personification usually 21 sum games during Triple-A and blank a Dodgers’ initial 20 games of 2017, Bellinger posted group highs in runs (87), RBIs (97) and slugging commission (.581) as good as homers. He even chipped in 10 stolen bases.

If we owned Bellinger in anticipation ball final season, we substantially finished nearby or during a tip of your league’s standings.

That’s since we wish to know if there’s any immature actor out there who competence be means to estimate a impact that Bellinger had final year.

To pin down what we’re looking for, remember that Bellinger was a Dodgers’ No. 1 prospect, ranked during No. 7 altogether by Baseball America. He had spent many of 2015 in Double-A, batting .263 with 23 home runs before clobbering 3 homers in usually 3 games during Triple-A.

The usually thing that hold him behind from being drafted aloft in anticipation leagues was that he seemed blocked by Adrian Gonzalez during initial bottom and a swarming outfield, so exclusive damage it was tough to see how Bellinger would be means to shelve adult adequate personification time to matter, during slightest early in a season.

Then a Dodgers got off to a delayed 9-11 start as Gonzalez slumped while perplexing to play by an bend injury, spurring a call-up of Bellinger to inject life into a sagging offense. Before long, outfielder Andrew Toles was mislaid for a deteriorate with a knee damage and Gonzalez strike a DL with behind issues. By then, Bellinger was laying rubbish to a NL, rising 9 homers in May and a whopping 13 in June.

So we’re looking for a tip awaiting who is being graded down since he is approaching to start a deteriorate in a minors due to being blocked and/or wanting some-more seasoning in Triple-A.
Two players burst out during me, and one of them is another Dodger!

First, a Orioles’ No. 1 awaiting is outfielder Austin Hays, a 22-year-old stranded for now behind an approaching crew of Colby Rasmus and Danny Valencia in right field. Hays strike 16 homers any in Double- and Triple-A final deteriorate before tacking one on with Baltimore in Sep on his approach to being ranked a No. 21 altogether awaiting by Baseball America.

Where Hays looks many like Bellinger is that he has a energy to strike some-more than 30 homers. It doesn’t harm that he has a hitter’s breakwater of Camden Yards to call home.

Where he doesn’t demeanour like Bellinger is that he’s right-handed, 3 inches shorter during 6-foot-1 and not scarcely as resourceful during a plate.

Bellinger drew 60 walks in 477 image appearances in a minors in 2016, calculating to a 12.6 travel percentage. On a other hand, Hays walked usually 25 times in 523 minor-league image appearances final year for a 4.8 travel percentage.

Second, a Dodgers’ No. 2 awaiting is outfielder Alex Verdugo, a 21-year-old stranded behind Yasiel Puig, Joc Pederson and, for now, Matt Kemp in a pecking order. If a Dodgers trade divided Kemp and his unmanageable agreement as expected, and possibly Puig or Pederson have to go on a DL during some point, Verdugo would contest with Toles to get a shot during unchanging personification time in L.A.

Verdugo’s best collection are a cannon-like throwing arm and a smooth, line-drive swing. It’s doubtful that Verdugo could replicate Bellinger’s impact power-wise, though he could still make a run during rookie of a year if he turns in an over-.300 normal to go with 15-20 homers. That said, he managed to strike usually 6 homers in Triple-A final season, despite with a .314 average.

Verdugo has been flexing his energy so distant this open training, attack his second home run in his past 3 games on Monday. He is batting .389 (7 for 18) with 5 RBIs, so he’s already begun to state his case.

I have Verdugo projected on my blog ( for a .262 normal and 3 homers in 190 image appearances this season, though we was badly off final year on Bellinger’s projection of .241 with 6 homers in 172 PA.

I have Hays projected for a .277 normal and 11 homers in 305 image appearances, that is after adjusting down a approaching personification time when a Orioles sealed Rasmus and Valencia final week. Back then, we had Hays projected to strike 21 homers in 574 PA.

So while we wouldn’t put it out of a area of possibilities that Verdugo becomes a plain hitter this year in L.A., a collect here for who could be a subsequent Bellinger is Hays.

Rudy Ropp has a blog with projections and rankings — — to assistance ready for a arriving anticipation season.

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