Failed WWE And WCW Main Eventers: Where Are They Now?

During a Monday Night War and even before that for that matter, WCW and WWE indispensable all a categorical eventers they could in sequence to contest with one another. They attempted to spot any talent they could out of a performer and rouse them to a top. Sometimes it worked out in WCW’s box with guys like Sting and Goldberg as good as in WWE with Kane, The Rock and large others. But that’s not what we’re here for, we’re here for a failures!

Every time we get a Stone Cold or Ric Flair, we have large others whose categorical eventuality runs are left on a side of a highway in a damaged heap. Fans might have lost about them yet they didn’t customarily disappear into a ether. Many of them went on to continue their wrestling careers in other promotions or even on a eccentric circuit. Some of them leave a business altogether and join us normies in a “regular job”. How we go from an attention with undead 300 bruise athletes and people bashing any other with steel chairs to an bureau job, we have no idea. Here are 10 unsuccessful WWE categorical eventers and 5 WCW categorical eventers and where they are now.

15. WWE: Bobby Lashley – Possibly Returning To WWE


CM Punk once described The Shield as being a hardest pushed entity given Bobby Lashley and he was right since Bobby Lashley was pushed to a heavens in a brief time he was in WWE. He won a United States Championship and a ECW Championship while being immature as grass. Not to contend he was bad, yet should he have been wrestling John Cena as a PPV categorical eventer for a World Championship? Probably not.

While he did miss knowledge in a WWE, he went out and got a knowledge he indispensable in TNA/Impact. Over his several stints there he warranted fans’ honour and indebtedness for improving his whole game. Not customarily that, yet he forged out an MMA career for himself too braggadocio a 15-2 record. He is rumoured to pointer with WWE soon, as he’s contractually privileged from Impact and New Japan, so keep your eyes open for that.

14. WWE: Great Khali – Running Wrestling School


A large masculine notoriously brief on talent, a Great Khali was ostensible to be a subsequent entrance of Andre The Giant yet he finished adult being some-more like his generation’s Giant Gonzalez. He won a good volume of matches and stayed in a categorical eventuality for some time in a midst 2000s, yet never was a lift due to a intolerable miss of jaunty ability or charisma. He also couldn’t pronounce English, so bummer there.

Aside from a uncanny cameo during WWE Battleground 2017 where he helped Jinder Mahal keep his title, Khali has changed behind to India where he… non-stop a pro wrestling school? Well from what we gathered, he doesn’t unequivocally sight anybody; he customarily owns a place. Damn, we unequivocally wanted to learn how to lift a arms and clout people in a head.

13. WCW: Jeff Jarrett – In Recovery


10,000 guitar shots later… and still couldn’t lift a dime. Jeff Jarrett has had some-more assistance in a wrestling business than many wrestlers who have come by it. When he’s possibly owned a association or was best buds with somebody on a artistic group he’s been on top. However, many would determine that Jarrett is a decent star that should be resolutely in a midcard, not categorical eventuality level.

It would be easy to asperse on Jarrett even some-more for all a foolish business and engagement decisions he’s done over a years yet Jarrett is going by some stuff. Suffering from alcoholism, Jarrett entered a rehab trickery in sequence to purify adult in late 2017. We wish him all a best since life is some-more critical than grown group wrestling in speedos.

12. WWE: Heidenreich – Part Of Class-Action Lawsuit Against WWE


The Undertaker unequivocally had some awful storylines in a midst 2000s didn’t he? Burn outs like Nathan Jones and Great Khali all managed to free-loader off his name for a duration yet nothing of these were some-more scandalous than a masculine who aggressively review his communication to Michael Cole in a closet. He arrange of got over as a comedic babyface and quickly teamed adult with Road Warrior Animal before withdrawal a WWE in early 2006.

Heidenreich would contest for eccentric promotions for a few years after withdrawal a association yet his name was brought adult recently as WWE was sued by a ton of wrestlers over neurological injuries they suffered while wrestling. Perhaps he can review a poem if it ever goes to trial.

11. WWE: Vladimir Kozlov – Stunt Double, VP Of Production Company


If there ever was a glamour opening in a business that heavily relies on pronounced attribute, it would have to be Vladimir Kozlov. Before he was interconnected with Santino Marella as a comedic character, Kozlov was ostensible to be SmackDown’s subsequent large monster. His triple hazard compare conflicting Edge and Triple H during Survivor Series was so bad it won misfortune compare of a year in a 2008 Wrestling Observer Newsletter Awards.

After withdrawal a association in 2012, he went on to all things an behaving career. We know, this is entrance from a male who could be a attempt double for Nyquil. He’s landed roles as a stuntman in a Fast And Furious authorization as good as in John Wick 2. Maybe he suspicion if hung around The Rock, he could catch some of his charisma. He also is a Vice President of a prolongation company Quasar Entertainment.

10. WCW: Buff Bagwell – Soon To Retire


While we don’t know this to be a fact, we’re certain that Buff Bagwell is a customarily wrestler to have their mom call in ill for him in a vital wrestling promotion. Somehow, we don’t see John Cena’s mom pursuit in to tell Vince McMahon that he can’t come in to work.

Near a finish of WCW’s existence and during several times before that Bagwell was put into categorical events. Bagwell unequivocally was repulsive adequate to lift feverishness as a heel and was a decent performer yet a horrible opinion backstage consistently stopped him from descending to a top. After an amazingly prolonged 27 years in a business Bagwell is customarily set to retire subsequent year during a age of 47. Book him while we can indies!

Bagwell’s side pursuit as a masculine paramour contingency be doing good if he’s peaceful to retire from a ring.

9. WWE: Jack Swagger – Bellator MMA Bound

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Also famous as that male who somehow won a WrestleMania XXVI Money In The Bank match, Jack Swagger brought in a extensive pledge wrestling credentials yet never had a vocalization ability or glamour to stay in a categorical eventuality for too long. After a brief duration of relevancy with Zeb Colter as a mouthpiece, Swagger faded divided into irrelevance before withdrawal WWE in 2017.

Since Swagger always seemed to be some-more during home in fire fighting than he did in pro wrestling, Swagger announced that he had sealed with Bellator MMA as a warrior in a heavyweight division. Even if he is 35, heavyweights in MMA can contest during a high turn during a after age improved than many divisions. Let’s wish it goes improved than CM Punk and let’s be honest, it will.

8. WWE: Scott Steiner – Restaurant Owner


In WCW’s final days Scott Steiner was an unhinged goofy backstage that had people journey in apprehension yet on-screen he was… mostly a same yet during slightest he was over. By a time he finally came to a WWE in Dec 2002 he was miscast into a purpose of a babyface conflicting almighty champion Triple H. His dual month argument with Triple H damaged any sketch ability he stayed in WWE’s midst label for a rest of 2003.

After his unsuccessful run in McMahon’s world, he went down to Florida to work for TNA for several years. He would leave and re-enter a association many times while operative on a eccentric scenes in between his turns with a promotion. When he’s not wrestling these days, Steiner is owning and operating Shoney’s restaurant in Georgia.

He’s turn some-more noted in a internet wrestling village for his violent wayward promos than matches.

7. WCW: Tank Abbott – Eyeing MMA Fights


Boasting a misfortune record in UFC story and a physique that customarily screams “I brew drink into my protein shakes and screw you” we give to we Tank Abbott. A former churned martial artist in a early days of a sport, Abbott transitioned to WCW in 1999 and they designed for him to be a large star. Vince Russo even wanted to make him World Champion. Unlike Ken Shamrock and Dan Severn though, Abbott had no genuine legitimate wrestling talent and finished adult as a comedy figure by a finish of his run.

Speaking of Dan Severn, Abbott was indeed ostensible to take on a former UFC champion in an MMA quarrel (the total age of both group would be about 110 years old) yet he couldn’t pass a medical tests. You gotta be a small messed adult if we consider that toupee looks good.

6. WWE: Sid Vicious – Recently Wrestled Retirement Match


Hey vocalization of a small messed up, it’s Sid Vicious! Only somewhat some-more stoical than a thespian of a same name, Sid somehow done it by in a wrestling business via a 1990s with customarily a fragment of a talent indispensable to stay around as prolonged as he did. Despite mixed attempts by WWE to make Sid a tip star, they never stranded and he faded divided into WCW by a time of 1999.

Surprisingly adequate notwithstanding a horrific damage to his leg in 2001, Sid still wrestled irregularly for years on a eccentric circuit. He wrestled his final compare in Aug 2017 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada conflicting Paul Rosenberg. A fun small tidbit is that he also competed in a bodybuilding foe during a age of 51 in 2011. Sid, we do we man.

5. WWE: Lex Luger – Consulting Wrestlers On Substance Risks


When people consider unsuccessful categorical eventer in WWE, a initial name that customarily comes to mind is Lex Luger. While it was painfully apparent that he was ostensible to be a subsequent good American favourite in a midst 90s yet he customarily couldn’t lift it off and a WWE motionless to climax Bret Hart a initial genuine Canadian hero.

After his wrestling career finished in a early 2000s, Luger went by a array of personal struggles that finished with him damaged mentally and physically. Nowadays, Luger is firm to a wheelchair and pulled a Shawn Michaels apropos a innate again Christian to get his life together. He still goes to a gathering each now and again to accommodate some fans, in box we unequivocally wish him to pointer your Lex Express picture.

4. WCW: Bret Hart – Recovering From Prostate Cancer


We never pronounced that a fact that these wrestlers were unsuccessful categorical eventers were indispensably their fault. Bret Hart apparently is one of a biggest performers in wrestling story yet WCW and Bret Hart didn’t go together. Through a multiple of backstage politics and Hart losing his passion for wrestling a bit, The Hitman never even grazed his intensity in a association before he late in 2000.

Nowadays Hart spends his time attending wrestling conventions and assembly adult with a fans who have given him all a adore they could via a years. Hart also announced that he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer, yet he had medicine and is in remission. He is still monitored each 3 months in case.

3. WWE: Vader – Still Wrestling Despite Health Problems


A uncontrollable success in scarcely each graduation he entered, Vader was a masked towering of a masculine who had a repute for being one of a hardest attack group in a business. Combine that with good lively for a masculine his distance and we have somebody who should have been a pound in a WWE. Due to backstage politics yet Vader never satisfied his intensity and left a association by 1998.

Though his days as a tip star were prolonged gone, Vader still done some one off appearances in several eccentric leagues along with some one night stands in WWE and TNA. More worringly Vader has been diagnosed with congestive heart illness and was told didn’t have prolonged to live. He’s also pronounced he’d wish to die in a ring rather than in a bed. Let’s wish no upholder takes him adult on that.

2. WWE: Rikishi – Running Wrestling School Entertainment Company

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From one jaunty large masculine to another, Rikishi was a good talent in a hulk origin of Samoan wrestlers yet never utterly done it as a categorical eventer. While he was a masculine who technically ran over Stone Cold during Survivor Series 1999, nobody in a assembly bought it and his run as a tip heel was cut short. You know it’s bad when WWE totally ignores it in their Hall of Fame proclamation video.

Rikishi left WWE in 2004 due to not wanting to remove weight as asked by a WWE. The posterior shaker would rebound around eccentric leagues and TNA before founding  a wrestling propagandize and party association called KnokX Pro Entertainment formed in California. His many successful trainee would be nothing other than RUSEV! HAPPY RUSEV DAY EVERYONE!

1. WCW: David Arquette – Faded Hollywood Star



Trolling aside, it is still waggish to consider that this D-list actor was once THE World Champion of a second biggest wrestling graduation in North America. By a time he was finished wrestling, he had a 75% winning commission in a ring. Beat that Roman Reigns! So because was he a failure? Well his initial and customarily PPV pretension invulnerability drew a measly 140,000 PPV buys. That would do it.

Since his army in wrestling, Arquette continued his behaving career starring in films nobody’s ever seen. He also spasmodic pops adult in a a tabloids, so yipee for that. We gamble those readers don’t even know he once speared Eric Bischoff…

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