Elvis Dumervil, 49ers make for good late NFL giveaway group match

John Lynch’s latest brazen meditative as a 49ers’ ubiquitous manager: Throwing it behind to his final NFL deteriorate with a Broncos a decade ago.

Lynch announced Tuesday that San Francisco had signed free-agent Elvis Dumervill. The maestro pass-rusher, while personification defensive finish for Denver in 2007 in front of Lynch, pennyless out with 12.5 sacks. Overall, as possibly a Broncos 4-3 finish or Ravens 3-4 outward linebacker, Dumervil has amassed 99 sacks in 99 career starts.

He’s 33 and entrance off a 2016 deteriorate mostly mislaid to a feet injury. That done him a easy salary-cap misadventure for a Ravens in March.

As a 49ers are a ones to finish his three-month giveaway agency, they don’t need him to step into a fountain of girl and find some of a form that constructed 17 sacks 4 seasons ago. They indispensable someone to play a specific purpose in their defense, and they needed more maestro leadership, too.

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With his hybrid experience, Dumervil is a ideal claimant to be San Francisco’s “LEO” pass rusher as it creates a transition to a Seattle-like 4-3 underneath defensive coordinator Robert Saleh.

In SN’s breakdown of a 49ers’ abyss chart final month, that was a large doubt symbol in their front seven. At a moment, in some combination, NaVorro Bowman, rookie first-round collect Rueben Foster (strongside and middle) and former Seahawk Malcolm Smith (weakside) are a projected 3 starting linebackers.

Before Dumervil, Aaron Lynch was in a lead for LEO duties, though as a converted 3-4 outward linebacker, he had some conditioning issues this offseason. For a specialized finish position that requires removing to a QB far-reaching from a diseased side, that couldn’t have done John Lynch comfortable. The other option, Arik Armstead, is talented, though he was drafted to be a 3-4 finish in a prior regime.

Enter Dumervil and his hybrid history. As an small pass rusher who has overachieved via his career as a 2006 fourth-rounder, he will set a instance of a relentless work ethic for the team’s young, transitioning defensive ends, Armstead and DeForest Buckner.

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At a same time, Dumervil will get adequate of a mangle in his snap count to be as effective as probable with what he has left in a tank. Lynch, while roaming as a Bronco, saw what Dumervil’s impact could do on a field. Dumervil now serves in a role of what an comparison Lynch was in Denver.

Is a 49ers’ league-worst invulnerability going to spin around overnight since of a Dumervil signing in June? No. But in a rebuilding season, he’s a right kind of influencer and writer to have on a roster.

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