Eclipse not a usually thing restraining 2017 to 1979

(RNN) – How does a Aug 21 solar obscure describe to Adrian Beltre’s 3,000th strike and John Wayne’s Oscar win? The answer lies in a timing.

The final time a United States saw a sum solar obscure was 1979. EmPower Solar has tracked changes in a nation between a dual dates. Some images next supposing by EmPower Solar have a slider to review 1979 to 2017.

Here’s a comparison of a universe of 1979 to a universe of today.


1979 – A sum obscure crosses 5 states in a northwest.

2017 – A sum obscure will cranky 14 states from coast-to-coast.

Climate change

1979 – President Jimmy Carter installs solar panels on a White House roof.

2017 – President Donald Trump withdraws a U.S. from a Paris meridian agreement.

American politics

1979 – Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA) announces plea to President Carter for 1980 Democratic nomination.

2017 – New York Times reports Vice President Mike Pence is positioning himself to plea President Donald Trump for a 2020 Republican nomination. Pence has denied a report.

British politics

1979 – Margaret Thatcher becomes initial womanlike British primary minister.

2017 – Theresa May inaugurated British primary minister. She’s a second lady to reason a position after being commissioned in 2016 due to David Cameron’s resignation.

Energy consumption

1979 – Long lines during gas pumps during fuel shortage.

2017 – Electric cars.


1979 – ESPN debuts.

2017 – ESPN primogenitor association Disney and CBS announce online sports live-streaming services.

Cell phones

1979 – First dungeon phone introduced.

2017 – IPhone 8 approaching to be introduced.

Major League Baseball

1979 – Lou Brock and Carl Yastrzemski strech 3,000 hits.

2017 – Adrian Beltre reaches 3,000 hits.


1979 – Tracy McGrady is born.

2017 – Tracy McGrady inducted into Basketball Hall of Fame.


1979 – Carl Edwards born.

2017 – Carl Edwards retires.


1979 – Sony Walkman initial goes on sale.

2017 – Spotify and iTunes browbeat song sales market.


1979 – Gay rights march.

2017 – Women’s rights march.


1979 – “Alien” released.

2017 – “Alien: Covenant” released.

“True Grit”

1979 – John Wayne, who played Rooster Cogburn, dies.

2017 – Glenn Campbell, who played La Boeuf, dies.

Presidents vs. animals

1979 – President Jimmy Carter encounters “swamp rabbit” while on fishing trip.

2017 – Inflatable “Chicken Trump” commissioned outward White House.

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