DVD Review – WWE: Bayley & Sasha Banks Iconic Matches

WWE: Bayley Iconic Matches/WWE: Sasha Banks Iconic Matches

Starring Bayley, Sasha Banks, Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Nia Jax and Dana Brooke.


Three matches any featuring dual of a biggest womanlike stars in WWE today, charting their arise from NXT to a tip of a tree on a categorical roster.

In a epoch of a WWE Network providing present entrance to roughly any wrestling compare ever performed, it’s always somewhat peculiar to demeanour during a compare gathering DVD. These discs, by their nature, can usually be directed during infrequent fans who competence collect adult a occasional DVD, yet aren’t vast adequate fans to bombard out a tenner a month to watch a rest of a product. Either that, or they exist to lift in people who’ve never watched a impulse of wrestling before, with a wish of interesting them into a universe of WWE fandom.

If a latter thought is a goal, afterwards WWE could do a lot worse than these dual compilations. Each facilities 3 matches from a behind catalog of a star on a cover, with dual NXT bouts and one from their categorical register careers. Fittingly, given their standing as dual of a Four Horsewomen of WWE, any lady looms vast on a other collection.

The Bayley front opens with maybe a biggest women’s wrestling compare of all time – her strife with Banks from a NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn eventuality from 2015. It’s a aroused and romantic odyssey of a wrestling match, enlivened by a throng who were unfortunate to see Bayley finally win a NXT Women’s Championship after months of attempting to take down Banks, who was an absurdly conceited heel champion during a time. The compare is a ideal multiple of huge high spots, formidable storytelling and pristine emotion.

There’s reduction tension in a second compare on a Bayley disc, that is her counterclaim of a pretension opposite Nia Jax during a London NXT TakeOver eventuality in Decmber 2015. It’s a conflict formed around psychology, as Bayley has to work out a plan to take down her most incomparable foe, yet lacks a undisguised fad value of a initial bout. The same is loyal of a show-closer, that is Bayley and Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte Flair and Dana Brooke from WWE Battleground in 2016. The match, in that Bayley appears as a poser partner for Banks, is underwhelming, yet poignant usually as Bayley’s categorical register debut.

Over on a Banks disc, record start with a outing behind to Feb 2015, in a deadly 4-way compare featuring all of NXT’s Four Horsewomen. It’s a fun, fast-paced strife that gives all 4 of a women a possibility to gleam in a vast way, that creates it a near-perfect approach in for those unknown with a womanlike wrestling stage in WWE.

The second hitch is positively not for wrestling novices, as it’s a 30-minute iron male compare between Banks and Bayley from NXT TakeOver: Respect. For fans, though, it’s a hugely considerable compare and it facilities Banks branch a heel dial right adult to 11, creation Bayley’s biggest fan cry in a front quarrel due to her heartless diagnosis of her idol. It’s a cranked-up story of wrestling drama, building to a moving and bomb finish.

Thankfully, a Banks front keeps a movement going and culminates in a blockbuster WWE Women’s Championship compare from a Jul 2016 part of Raw, in that Banks hurdles Charlotte Flair for a belt. It’s a extensive TV hitch that has all anyone could ever wish from Banks as a babyface, including a really interesting curtsy to her hero, Eddie Guerrero. The front could have featured usually about any compare between Charlotte and Banks from 2016, yet this initial pretension hitch feels like a judicious choice.

For fans who have already seen these matches before, there’s really small that’s new in these discs. There’s no new explanation from possibly Banks or Bayley and usually minimal promo packages to contextualise a wrestling in story. However, for those new to these dual women, it’s a good authority on usually how good both of these all-time good womanlike talents can be.

Tom Beasley is a freelance film publisher and wrestling fan. Follow him on Twitter around @TomJBeasley for film opinions, wrestling things and puns.

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