Dutch Team Bets On High-Tech Suits For Olympic Success – Forbes

After winning a record 24 medals during a Sochi Winter Olympics, a vigour is on for a Dutch Olympic group during a Pyeongchang Games.

The Dutch men’s group on a approach to group office bullion during a 2014 Winter Olympics. (Photo: AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

While soccer is a many renouned foe in a Netherlands in a summer, speedskating manners in a winter.

After a many successful Olympics in Dutch history, a country’s strong speedskating group is once again counting on a high-tech speedsuits to yield an corner over a foe during a Winter Olympics, that start in South Korea on Feb 9. Those suits helped them win an strange 23 medals including 7 golds in Sochi after all.

This time around, Dutch engineers have come adult with a fit done adult of a new, severe fabric with a new color: dark-blue with orange. Not most else is famous about a new outfits, that will be presented to a Dutch media on Jan 2.

Bert outpost der Tuuk, who has been producing suits for a Dutch inhabitant speedskating patrol for years, told a country’s state broadcaster NOS a new suits could supplement as most as 3% in speed.

In a foe where medals can be won or mislaid on one-thousandth of a second, that’s a flattering large margin.

Take a demeanour during a suits:

Other teams have also been experimenting with new suits: a Norwegians for instance have had some success given they substituted their iconic all-red outfits for blue ones this summer.

Only time will tell if a new suits will once again give a Dutch wings in a Olympic speedskating arena.

Sven Kramer, a mixed Olympic bullion medalist, finished second in a 5,000meters during this week’s Olympic gift contest to a 33-year-old marathon speedskater. Kramer had been wearing a new suit.

In 2014, a American speedskating group showed adult in Sochi wearing high-tech skin suits, dubbed a “Mach 39.” Although they had been touted previously as a fastest suits in a sport, a US group left Russia empty-handed.


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