Dustin Johnson’s reason for holding high propagandize play will moment we up

Dustin Johnson, a world’s best golfer, isn’t customarily one of a initial names mentioned in a contention of a sport’s best talk subjects. But DJ’s QAs are underrated. Sure, his answers are customarily brief, though there’s a bluntness to them that make them interesting in their possess way. And sometimes, Johnson will give an answer so honest that it cracks a collected media up.

Such was a box during Johnson’s Wednesday press discussion forward of a Memorial. The subject of Johnson’s non-golf high propagandize activities came up, and it turns out, DJ took drama. For a really high-school-boy reason. Here’s a full exchange:

Q. When we were in high propagandize or youth high or whatever flourishing up, so most athleticism around you, did we do zero though sports in high school? Did we do any play or anything else in high school?

DUSTIN JOHNSON: Yeah, we did. we took drama. But we had to take — kind of had to take electives. And a play clergyman was cute, so — (laughter).

Q. Were we ever in any plays?

DUSTIN JOHNSON: Yeah, we was in center school. we don’t consider we did any in high school.

Q. What did we do?

DUSTIN JOHNSON: Sang in a Christmas uncover and did a Newsies, a musical.

Q. Any possibility you’ll sing for us now?

DUSTIN JOHNSON: No, not a possibility (laughter). That’s for me when I’m in a automobile by myself.

So there we go. In about 60 words, we schooled DJ took high propagandize play since a clergyman was cute. He was in Newsies (Not “THE” Newsies. C’mon, DJ!) in center propagandize and he still sings in a car. Now if usually we could get an audio recording of him driving. . .

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