Dustin Johnson thinks he can win 10 times on a PGA Tour this …

You can mark Dustin Johnson from opposite any golf march in a country. His pretension travel unfolds roughly inadvertently. It is roughly embarrassingly arrogant, even if that isn’t even tighten to his intention. So we can suppose what he looks like when he’s violence a best players in a universe by 8 or some-more strokes in a PGA Tour event. 

Johnson walked adult No. 18 during a Tournament of Champions on Sunday only before securing a 17th win of his career like he’d only been paid $1.3 million to go to Hawaii for a week of golf and had his indication mother watchful to lick him off a behind of a green. Maybe given … he had.

As we laid out in Sunday’s Tournament of Champions grades, nobody creates it demeanour easier than D.J. Nobody, when they’re cooking, is reduction mad or some-more calm. As has been spouted countless times, Johnson is in so many ways a ideal golfer. Body of a god, unfit pitch and never gets in his possess approach mentally. He is as tighten as golf has to a well-oiled machine.

When he wins, generally recently, it begs a doubt of how many he will win in a future. Sunday’s feat was his eighth given 2016 dawned and his fifth in a final 11 months. It was also one of a many considerable given his score, a margin and how outrageously elementary it looked.

And still, Johnson was unimpressed with his opening during Kapalua over a weekend notwithstanding trouncing an chosen margin and violence U.S. Open champ Brooks Koepka (albeit an harmed Brooks Koepka) by 37 strokes.

“What we did unequivocally good this week was when we did strike good shots, we finished a putts,” Johnson said. “My good shots were unequivocally good. we don’t know, y’all would substantially know improved than me, yet we don’t consider we finished a putt outward of 10 feet all week. Pretty certain we didn’t. Maybe a 11-footer would be a maximum. 

“I strike a lot of unequivocally good shots. we only didn’t strike as many as we would have favourite to have hit. For me, it was a motorist is what won me a golf contest this week, given we unequivocally gathering it well. we don’t consider we strike a bad expostulate all week.”

There’s a lot to empty there, yet Johnson’s indicate about putting is true. Although it’s critical to remember that he also didn’t have as many putts outward of 10 feet as he routinely would given he was bustling attack 433-yard drives to 3 inches.

Before a event, Johnson was asked if he suspicion a 9- or 10-win deteriorate was feasible. This is not a doubt many mortals would take conduct on. Four or five? Sure, your Jordan Spieths and Rickie Fowlers would humbly contend that they have certainty in themselves even yet 5 wins in a year is an ancestral season. D.J. though? D.J. doesn’t care.

Question: We saw a five-win deteriorate final year, we have seen a integrate of those recently, yet we haven’t arrange of seen someone with 9 or 10 wins given Tiger’s time. Do we see someone being means to, yourself included, to be means to do a 9-, 10-win deteriorate given a abyss of a Tour now?

Johnson: “I trust so. we unequivocally consider we can. Obviously I’m going to have to play unequivocally good golf, a guys out here, as we all know, there’s a lot of unequivocally good players out here on Tour and for me to do that I’m going to have to play some unequivocally good golf, yet unequivocally able of it.”

That’s not going to happen, though, right? Nobody can win 9 or 10 times in this era, right? The brief answer is that it substantially won’t. The longer answer is that, if all breaks ideally and Johnson gets each mangle in a book … it could.

Johnson also pronounced in Hawaii that spiteful his behind during a Masters unequivocally knocked him off his diversion for 5 months. He suspicion he pennyless it, and it took many longer than he expected to entirely recover his game.

So let’s do an practice in that we mislay that five-month duration following a Masters to see what Johnson’s winning commission is given winning a 2016 U.S. Open. By that math, he’s played 22 times and won 8 of them. That 22-tournament series is about a full deteriorate for D.J. According to him, he’s won 8 of his final 22 tournaments when healthy. That’s absurd, and it highlights a possibilities.

We haven’t unequivocally seen a full calendar year of rise D.J. (since he won a major). Even if we leave a tournaments in following his Masters fall, his winning commission given a 2016 U.S. Open is 26 percent. That would proportion to about 6 wins in 2018 if he plays his full, normal schedule.

It seems that Johnson has returned to his pre-2017 Masters form, though, when he was winning scarcely each time out. He substantially should have won a HSBC Champions in China in a tumble and now this. If anyone is able of winning 10 times in a year in this era, it’s substantially possibly him or a scorching-hot Rory McIlroy.

I don’t consider it’s out of a doubt that Johnson could in fact win 9 or 10 times this year. Wouldn’t that be something? Only 7 group have won 8 or some-more times in a deteriorate on a PGA Tour given World War II. It would take something flattering special from Johnson — mixed majors and a FedEx Cup win — to get it done, yet his Tournament of Champions prize is serve explanation that it’s during slightest on a table.

“It’s a good start if we wish to (win 8 or some-more times),” Johnson said. “I got off to a right start, for sure. But, yeah, I’m going to have to continue to play unequivocally good golf if we wish to keep winning.”

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