Dustin Johnson says he has no contend in Paulina Gretzky’s amicable …

Dustin Johnson assimilated The Big Lead’s podcast on Tuesday to speak about a accumulation of topics as he recovers from a portion damage that kept him out of a Masters. You should listen to a whole thing, yet in a meantime, we found a World No. 1 deliberating his impasse in fiancee Paulina Gretzky’s amicable media accounts utterly amusing.

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So does DJ have any contend in what Paulina posts?

“Absolutely not,” Johnson responded before chuckling. “She doesn’t ask me! . . . Like we would know what would be good to post or not. I’m terrible with that.”

OK, so this isn’t many of a surprise. We didn’t consider DJ had many submit on any of those song videos.

And besides, Paulina built utterly a following on Instagram prolonged before a dual became a couple. She knows what she’s doing.

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“I ask her, though, if we can post something,” Johnson added. He afterwards simplified that Paulina usually shoots something down if it involves a design of them she doesn’t like.

Again, not too surprising. we also have to check with my mother before posting any print of her (Doesn’t everyone?!). Still, it’s humorous entrance from one of a many widespread and intimidating total in sports right now.

Anyway, Here’s Dustin Johnson’s full talk with The Big Lead:


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