Dustin Johnson puts brief memory to work recuperating from behind injury

Dustin Johnson was behind on a still bike, relocating brazen though unequivocally going anywhere.

The good news for golf’s No. 1 actor is that an MRI showed customarily a low hash on a left side of his reduce back. If doctors had taken images a tiny aloft adult a torso, they also competence have seen a slight rip in his heart.

“One thing we never wish to have to do again,” Johnson pronounced Tuesday, “is watch a vital from my couch.”

At slightest he watched. And it wasn’t all bad.

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He was anxious to see Sergio Garcia overcome a two-shot necessity in a Masters and dual decades of frustrations in a majors. Johnson could describe to that, carrying been in position to win a vital 4 times before winning a U.S. Open final summer during Oakmont.

Good fitness anticipating someone who can describe to Johnson’s knowledge during a 81st Masters.

Sure, there have been times when a No. 1 actor had to repel from a major. But not when a actor was entrance off 3 true victories opposite a strongest fields of a year. Not when that actor was 5 mins and 20 yards from a initial tee.

And never has an damage to a No. 1 actor been so weird on so many levels.

He had finished his final 9 holes of use Wednesday before a storms rolled in. Johnson had left to a gym and had customarily returned to his rented residence during Augusta when it started raining and he wanted to pierce his car.

Wearing customarily socks, he slipped down a staircase, crashing onto his behind and left elbow.

“It was terrible,” Johnson said. “And a weirdest partial is, we never travel around in socks. For some reason if we travel around barefooted, my left feet starts to hurt. That’s since we always have boots on. But we customarily got behind from a gym and wanted to run down and pierce a automobile over. And we slipped.”

Johnson pronounced it was a misfortune pain he has ever felt.

“I suspicion we pennyless my behind in half,” he said. “I unequivocally suspicion my behind was broken.”

He still suspicion about personification when he left a use operation Thursday, customarily to comprehend on a putting immature that he couldn’t. Johnson pronounced he was attack his 4-iron about 200 yards in a atmosphere (it customarily flies 235 yards) and he had no suspicion that instruction a round was going until he strike it. Over a subsequent 15 minutes, on a transport float to a putting immature and a few some-more full swings between putts, existence won out.

“The some-more we suspicion about it, there was no chance,” he said. “It customarily took a while to remonstrate myself.”

There was a tiny magnitude of service that tests suggested customarily a bruise. When he flew home to Florida, he said, his reduce behind harm for dual days. Now it’s in a cramped area nearby a bruise. He has returned to a routine, that includes work in a gym.

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“I’m not unequivocally doing much,” Johnson said. “Today we started relocating a tiny bit. Yesterday we did a tiny bit of chest and arms. Moving adult and down, I’m fine. If I’m twisting, it’s a tiny sore. And I’m creation some swings, though I’m not attack any balls.”

As bad as a timing was, it could have been worse.

Johnson had scheduled a subsequent 3 weeks off, so there will be no enticement to play before he is entirely recovered. His subsequent contest is a Wells Fargo Championship that starts May 4, a initial of 3 in a row.

And while it harm to watch a Masters on TV, it felt good to see Garcia win.

“Sergio and we are friends,” he said. “I was rooting for him. It was cold to see him get that initial one. we know a tiny bit of what he’s been through. He’d been tighten utterly a few times, customarily like we had been close. It took him a lot longer.”

People speak about how it takes time for that initial vital to penetrate in. Johnson competence never grasp his hapless spin of events, even for someone who has dealt with his share of setbacks.

In a 2015 interview, when asked his biggest disappointment, Johnson said, “I’ve had a lot of (stuff) occur to be me, though we came out improved on a other side.”

His brief memory competence be one of his good assets.

For all blunders on a golf march that he fast forgets about, this one shouldn’t be most different. He is still personification a best golf of his life. He still has a possibility during his subsequent contest for a fourth true PGA Tour victory, that would be a longest strain given Tiger Woods, who won 5 true over 6 months.

“One reason I’m good during golf is since we try not to let it worry me,” Johnson said. “It sucks. It sucks right now. But we woke adult this morning, and it was a good day.”

And he still has a vast collection of trophies during home.

Johnson laughed.

“That doesn’t hurt,” he said.

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