Dustin Johnson, Brooks Koepka have opposite views of vital pressure

Good buddies Dustin Johnson and Brooks Koepka have a disproportion in opinion.

Johnson, a indolent long-bomber who has one vital championship on his résumé, is a normal thinker who says winning majors is difficult. Despite a stream 20 career wins on a PGA Tour, it took Johnson a prolonged time and many formidable moments to finally lift out a 2016 U.S. Open during Oakmont.

Meanwhile, a equally prolonged though distant some-more heated Koepka has 3 vital championships: He’s a fortifying back-to-back U.S. Open champ, as good as a fortifying leader of a PGA Championship going into this week’s contest during Bethpage Black.

Koepka says winning majors is indeed easier given so many players in a margin take themselves out of row by putting too most vigour on themselves. Yet Koepka has usually dual other wins on a PGA Tour given entrance over full-time in 2015 from a European Tour.

“He’s won some-more majors than he has [non-major] golf tournaments,” Johnson said. “He’s a good player. You know, he does have a lot of confidence. But that’s what we need in this game.”

Koepka also pronounced he thinks he can win double-digit majors, a stratosphere in veteran golf that now usually binds Jack Nicklaus (18), Tiger Woods (15), and Walter Hagen (11). That is a lofty perch, though one Johnson also didn’t consider was out of his reach.

Brooks Koepka
Brooks KoepkaGetty Images

“I feel like we unequivocally could do it,” Johnson said.

But it has come a small differently for a dual unequivocally identical players, and that is substantially what has combined a order in ideology.

“Obviously, we spend a lot of time with Brooks and play a lot of golf with him,” Johnson said. “He’s a unequivocally good player, hits it long, hits it straight, got a good brief game. That adds adult to be a good player.

“Confidence is unequivocally a large partial of that.”

Yet a miss of certainty has never seemed to be a problem for Johnson. The 34-year-old from South Carolina walks with a strut matched by his loose on-course attitude. But he has had a integrate of unequivocally tighten calls during majors, including this year’s Masters, when he tied for second — alongside Koepka.

“Disappointed, we wouldn’t go with, though a small undone infrequently only given I’ve had utterly a few chances and I’ve felt like a few of them we unequivocally didn’t do anything . we played well,” Johnson said. “But that’s only how it is. It’s tough to win majors. If it was easy, a lot of guys would have a lot some-more than they do.”

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