Dustin Johnson: Becoming A Complete Player

People speak about my motorist a lot. It’s fun to strike it far, and my motorist does put me in a lot of good positions on a course. But golf isn’t usually about how distant we can strike it off a tee. Scoring and winning tournaments happens a lot closer to a green. About 3 seasons ago, we satisfied we indispensable to take my wedge-game use a lot some-more seriously. Though my coach, Butch Harmon, will give we an research of my motorist swing, we wish to speak about my brief game. It has done me a finish player.
—with Keely Levins

My World Golf Ranking has mostly been somewhere in a tip 10. But we wanted to get better, and one area of a diversion where we could unequivocally urge was crowd play. Honestly, before a few years ago, we never used it. we mean, I’d strike crowd shots, though we never had a set use plan.

“Short-game certainty will giveaway adult your prolonged game, too.”

Photo by Dom Furore

The thing we indispensable to urge a lot was stretch control. I’d never structured my practices with wedges in mind. we never unequivocally knew how distant a turn would go with opposite swings in that 75-to-150-yard range. Literally, we would usually guess. we was still sincerely decent, though personification totally by feel.

That all altered when we bought a TrackMan and started charting my lift numbers. Once we knew how distant we was conflict these clubs, we was means to come adult with a complement to urge my stretch control. What we did was mangle it down to 4 shots for any of my wedges. I’ve got a half shot, a three-quarter shot and a batch full shot. The fourth we use usually in special cases—I call it a max. For a max, we substantially guessed, we usually pitch as tough as we can. For example, I’ll use it for a tucked pin, downwind. we know that if we fume a silt wedge, we can strike it unequivocally high and dump it tighten to a hole.

Having this complement means that we now have a bar and pitch for probably any crowd distance. For example, my throw crowd goes 85 yards if we use my half swing, 95 for my three-quarter swing, and batch is 105. Those numbers keep going adult by 10 yards all a approach adult by my pitching wedge.

Photo by Dom Furore

When I’m laying adult on a standard 5 or personification a brief standard 4, we strike shots that will leave me one of those yardages. It pays off roughly any time. In 2015, we was ranked 108th in vicinity to a hole from 100 to 125 yards. By 2017, we changed adult to ninth and became a No. 1 actor in a World Ranking. My complement has unequivocally helped my certainty with these shots, and it’s helped me learn some-more about my swing.

If I’m carrying difficulty determining distances, we know it’s not a system’s fault; there’s something off in my swing. My common skip is a turn entrance out too low and going too far. I’ve schooled that shot happens when we get my hands and a hoop disposition too many toward a aim during impact. So if we start saying a turn come out hot, we know we have to keep my hands behind and let a clubhead release. Other times, we get too high with my swing. and we can’t get a turn to do what we want, so we work on shallowing my angle of attack.

Funny thing is, all this work on my wedges has helped my prolonged game, too. we know some-more about my mechanics and have turn some-more wakeful of what’s function when things are a small off. It’s also helped me play some-more freely, since we know my brief diversion will deliver.

My advice? Go to a operation and work on dialing in your crowd yardages. Think of how many shots any turn we have inside of 120 yards. Get many of them pin-high, and you’re going to be dangerous.

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