Does Cristiano Ronaldo unequivocally wish to leave Spain and Real Madrid?

Leaving Spain won’t make his taxation rascal issues go away. Spain will still pursue a matter and, if they see fit, direct behind remuneration afterwards potentially even pull for conviction. All of that won’t be influenced by either he plays for Real Madrid, Manchester United, in MLS, China or wherever he competence go outward of Spain.

What Ronaldo has finished in removing these rumors going is put a concentration on either he’ll leave Real Madrid. No longer are we articulate about his taxation rascal and what he did or do not do wrong. The review is about soccer, that is where Ronaldo wants it to be. He competence even spin a madness of Real Madrid fans toward a taxation office.

Either way, Ronaldo has spun a conversation. And while we’ll lay here and speak about either he will leave Real Madrid or not, this isn’t what’s going to pull him out a door. If he leaves, it’ll be since he wants to try MLS and vital somewhere like LA, or he feuds with a manager — substantially not Zinedine Zidane since they get along good — or any series of things. Not wanting to be in Spain since of a taxation rascal box isn’t going to be a read, only like it wasn’t for Messi.

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